The Process of Installing a Range Hood in Your House

how to install range hood

Range Hoods are important for our kitchens. It helps in cleaning the grime and smoke that comes out while cooking. It sucks everything in and sends it via a duct to the outer world. A range hood is installed just above a stove. How to Install Range Hood is a question most people will have after buying one. 

We will try to explain it as simple as possible. Do not fret, and call for help if anything goes out of place. Remember to buy all the tools that are needed for the project. They are often mentioned in the accompanying manual. Kitchen exhaust hood duct installation will get much easier once you finish reading this article.

How to Install Range Hood (12 Steps to Success)

We are determined to answer your question on how to install a range hood. But always remember to buy a range hood that will fit in your kitchen.

Measure the allotted area and get an appropriate machine. The distance between a gas range and hood should at least be 24 inches. So, let us start with the steps: 

1) If you already have an old range hood, take it out. Do the job carefully as you do not want to snag any wires.

 2) You will need to find the area through which the range hood will vent through. It is either through the wall or the cabinet. You need to buy a range hood that will connect with the existing system. 

 3) Before installation of the range hood, you have to disassemble it. It is generally done by first removing the filters and screen. Then detach the duct conductor. Also, remove the perforated duct knockout by using a slotted screwdriver and hammer. Be gentle with everything. 

 4) Turn off all electrical circuits when you are working with the range hood. 

 5) A vent has to be made in the wall or cabinet according to your need. This is only needed for new range hoods. There is usually a template provided on the device. Tape it on the wall or cabinet and cut according to it. Always use a water or laser level to see the alignment. Check this article out on the latest range hood model.

 6) Many times there will be obstacles in your way while cutting the vent. If any of these are faced, you should call a professional for support. Or you can DIY them by reading about the specified problem.

 7) Ductwork has to be done quite well so that the machine can properly vent outside the house. Check for range hood venting options at your home if you already have it. Follow instructions on how to install range hood vent ductwork from the internet if you are unaware of it. 

 8) Tell someone to hold the hood at its place and mark the screw points. Now drill them so that it is easy and it matches the hood. Keep the drill set according to the place you are drilling the holes into. 

 9) The vent and the hole for ductwork of the range hood should match. Then tighten the hood into the component. 

 10) Connect the necessary wires; it generally has white and black wires. If you aren’t savvy in electrical works always call an electrician. Remember to attach the green grounding wire to the grounding screw. The plug may also need to be attached. 

 11) The next step will be to attach the filters and other components. Then attach the hood cover on the hood. 

 12) Now, plug it in or turn on the circuit. Check if everything is working okay. You should also check the outside duct to feel the ventilation process of the range hood. 


We hope that this has been helpful for you to the question of how to install a range hood. Always read the manual before starting to work as it will help in the installation. Never try to do guesswork on plumbing or electrical wires if you do not know about them. You may also ask the company technican to install the range hood for you. 

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