Echo PB 580T Reviews – Why Is This Our Favorite?

If you read the Echo PB 580T reviews, you will find out that most of them compliment this product for its simplicity and effectiveness of use. Well, we have decided to test out this amazing product to find out if this model is as truly powerful as what people have claimed.

So, by going along with this article you will learn about the unique sides of this product. Does it have any drawbacks? What are the positive aspects of using this leaf blower? Read below in order to find out.

Power of the Device

Echo PB 580T reviews

For the purpose of reviewing this product, we have decided to purchase one and test it out on our own. And we have come to the realization that this is a very powerful product indeed. In fact, its engine is powerful enough to create a maximum air speed of up to 215 miles per hour. As you may imagine, this can blow over even the most difficult and hardened piece of waste in your yard.

This backpack blower features a 2-stroke engine with a tube-mounted throttle which will guarantee the development of potentially great amounts of power that you can use for the purpose of cleaning out your yard of debris.

Also, we have found out that it’s very easy to modify the speed and the power of the device while it’s working. There is a throttle that you can modify in order to use this device to its maximum potential every time without overspending it.

As you may imagine, different debris types and different debris levels will mean that you will need to use different settings. But this backpack blower makes it all worth your investment because of how easy it is to change the speed and power that it uses at the moment.

Handling of the Device

We have tried and carried the device while we operated it and we have found out that it’s not that difficult to wear it. Of course, for many of you, the size and power of these devices may scare you that they are pretty heavy to wear while you work them. But this is not the case at all when it comes to the Echo leaf blower. In fact, it features a powerfully ergonomic design that will help you wear the device in your hands without feeling tired at all.

If you have learned more about this device, then you know that it’s a backpack leaf blower. This means that a big part of the device will be contained in a backpack that you can put on your back. And as you may expect, this will lighten up the load significantly as you will be using both your arm and back muscles to operate the device. And in the end, you won’t feel a thing while operating it.

Also, we have noticed that it’s very easy to handle the device. We have used a soft grip for working with it and it has served us perfectly. Also, there is a handle on this device that can easily be modified depending on your personal style and preferences. You can easily modify it to fit your needs and the way you want to wear it while you work with it.

Durability of the Device

If you purchase a backpack blower of this kind, then you will undoubtedly want it to be highly durable. Well, you won’t have any issues when it comes to this if you use the Echo PB 580T Backpack Blower. 

This device features a very high longevity and you will be able to use it for years on and the device can hardly ever malfunctioning. Add on top of this the fact that you can use the device for hours on end without having to refuel it and you will realize that you have the perfect option for a leaf blower.

In fact, things get even simple than that as the container of the fuel of this device will be visible at all times. This means that you can see the level of fuel that remains on this device and if you need to change it up anytime soon. This adds another layer of practicality that many leaf blower models fail to implement.

Noise Levels

As is the case with most of the other leaf blower models, the Echo PB 580T leaf blower will produce a steady level of noise. But we have found that this level of noise is no way nearly as high as the noise that many other leaf blowers produce while they work.

In fact, it’s estimated that this backpack blower produces around 70 dB(A) of noise while it works. And when you take in the fact that this is an exceptionally powerful device that can reach a speed of up to 215 miles per house – it’s quite the bargain. Long story short – you won’t have to be worried about excessive levels of noise while you use this device.

In any case, if you happen to find the noise unbearable – which is unusual given the relatively low noise output of the device – you will still be able to block out excessive noise with the help of noise-suppressing headphones. The noise suppressors will help you suppress the noise and you will feel comfortable while using the device in this sense.

Additional Features of the Echo PB 580T

There is another neat option that this backpack blower features. If you work in hot climates, then you know just how difficult it can get with the sun shining on top of you while you work and sweat.

Well, this device is built in a way to cycle cold air around the person that uses the device. Of course, we’re not talking about extremely cold air here. But just enough to help you feel all right even if the weather is hot outside. We have found this option very useful as it turns using the device for blowing leaves almost into a pleasure.

Downsides of the Device

No device in existence is perfect, and such is the case with the Echo PB-580T as well. Most of this device is made of plastic. This is not the preferred choice of material for most people. Also, the price of this device can be rather steep, as it’s usually sold for well over $300. That being said though, there are many other models that are even more expensive than that. If you wish to own flagship models that will be very effective for use, then you can find a better model than this.

However, we feel that this backpack blower still packs a powerful punch in the sense that while it’s expensive – it’s not that expensive. And it still maintains a powerful functionality and effectiveness of use. So, the Echo PB 580T is a great option for anyone that wishes to have a great leaf blower in their possession.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s very easy to assemble the device
  • It’s highly durable and it will last you a long time
  • Very simple in terms of overall maintenance
  • It’s very powerful and it will remove.


  • It’s very loud while it’s on
  • It’s pretty expensive for a leaf blower
  • It can be relatively heavy while you carry it.

Final Verdict

Echo PB 580T Backpack Blower

We have found this product to be very effective and easy to use. We particularly like the unique “cool-down” option that can circulate cold air around you and keep you cold. This device is a perfect choice if you want a powerful leaf blower that can help you clean your yard, but that isn’t all that expensive, to begin with. We also like the fact that you can see how much fuel you have left in the device before you have to refuel it – it’s a Godsend when it comes to practicality. We rate this device 4.5 out of 5. This means that we definitely recommend it to you if you wish to have a high-quality leaf blower in possession without paying a lot of money for it. And we believe that what all of the other Echo PB 580T reviews will tell you boils down to this.

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