Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Blower Reviews – A Lightweight Champion

Any homeowner likes to have a leaf blower that can get any job done. According to several Poulan Pro backpack blower reviews, this model is powerful and reliable. Of course, based on your needs, you will be looking for a leaf blower that can work for you. This is a tool that everyone needs to have hanging around in the garage or tool shed.

So, once those leaves start falling off the trees, you can turn on your leaf blower and clean your yard within minutes. Keep reading to find out all the essential details about the Poulan Pro blower. We hope this review will help you when you decide to decide between what leaf blower you are going to purchase.

The Poulan Pro leaf blower is specifically designed for residential homeowners. So far, most of its users have praised it for being highly effective at blowing fallen leaves, sticks, dead grass and even animal droppings. According to user reviews, it can be used during the whole year. Some have even tried and succeeded clearing snow from their driveways and sidewalks during winter.

What separates this model from other leaf blowers is the extra high-performance features which are specifically added to reduce the physical effort which is needed to clean the yard. On top of that, this model boasts a generously padded harness that offers incredible comfort. Because of these, many women have been able to operate this leaf blower with no problems whatsoever.

Poulan Pro Backpack Blower Reviews: Model PR48BT

Poulan Pro backpack blower reviews

If you are having trouble with leaves or other debris, investing in a leaf blower could be an excellent idea. The best option would be to get a backpack blower like the Poulan Pro because that way you will avoid dragging a handheld blower around. Not to mention, you will no longer need to spend so much energy by cleaning the yard through raking. Here are some of the specifications and features that this model offers:

  • 2-stroke 48CC engine
  • plus-square
    A maximum speed of 200MPH
  • plus-square
    Air Flow of about 475 CFM
  • plus-square
    Heavy duty frame
  • plus-square
    Cruise control
  • plus-square
    Throttle button that controls the speed
  • plus-square
    Customizable controls
  • plus-square
    Extra padded harness
  • plus-square
    Soft grip handles

Engine of PR48BT

The 2-stroke engine that is featured in this model will take care of any leaves, debris or pretty much anything you want to get out of the way within seconds. Some people have said that once you turn it on it feels like you are blowing a hurricane. The throttle control will allow you to set the leaf blower on variable speeds with the maximum speed being 200MPH. Of course, for more delicate jobs you can tune that speed down to a more moderate level.

When it comes to starting it up, this model will never disappoint you. Most reviews state that even though 2-stroke engines are not reliable, in this case, it's quite the opposite. This leaf blower starts up from the first try most of the time. All you have to do is follow the instructions stated in the manual, and the blower will work like a charm every time. 

High-Quality Harness for Fantastic Ergonomics

Like we mentioned above, this leaf blower is designed to reduce the physical effort needed to clean your yard. Thanks to the soft grip handle, heavy-duty frame, and the variable speed control will make any leaf blowing task much easier.

On top of that, the extra padded harness reduces the strain on the user’s body and gives fantastic comfort. The contoured shoulder stripes are a surprise bonus. They are highly adjustable and make things perfect for every user.

Great Design

The design is the greatest feature this leaf blower can offer. It’s not perfect, but when you look at the benefits, you will see they are far greater than the downsides of the design. There is one particular downside that most users will mention, especially for the first timers and that is the complicated assembly. However, that is a problem only for the first assembly; after that, it will be easy to assemble the leaf blower.

One other thing that arose as a problem was some small Poulan Pro PR48BT parts that weren't always delivered. These were mostly nozzles, and a few people have complained that they never got them.

Once it’s ready to go, you will notice how great the design is. The heavy-duty frame makes this model look very sturdy and not cheap. The hose on the blower is screwed on and not just attached like with most other models. This means it won’t come off, which will save you a lot of frustration. Nevertheless, if you put the heavy-duty design, you will see that this leaf blower is very compact and you can store it pretty much anywhere.

High Versatility

We are sure that you believe there is no more to this machine than simple leaf blowing. However, you would be wrong to think that. The powerful engine on this model makes it powerful enough to clear rocks and many other things that you want to be moved. According to many users, you can use it to dry your car or even clear snow from the walkway or driveway. Because of its commercial-grade power, there is not much this backpack leaf blower can’t do.

Pros and Cons


  • The warranty can be upgraded to 3 years
  • Great speed of 200MPH
  • Lightweight (22LBS)
  • Very compact
  • Very powerful Engine


  • Poor user manual
  • Assembly could be confusing
  • Reports of missing parts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this model offer commercial quality? Can it be used every day?

This leaf blower is aimed initially towards residential use. It will hold up to all-day use, but it's built for part-time use. Blowers that are specifically made for commercial use usually have more powerful 65-75CC engines. You can read our reviews on best backpack leaf blower to find out what are the other brands available on the market, and their performance etc. 

2. Does the Poulan Pro leaf blower have a gutter attachment?

Sadly, it doesn’t have this attachment.

3. Does this model come with some extensions?

No, you will only get the parts that can be seen in the picture.

4. Is it easy to carry?

Absolutely yes! The weight is lower than 25lbs which makes it easy to move around and maneuver. This is why pretty much anyone can use it.

5. Is it good enough for some landscape cleaning?

Yeah, I can safely say that it can run for hours without any problem. I have used it for landscape before, and I only had to refuel it once. It did a pretty fantastic job for me.

Final Verdict

Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Blower

To conclude, we can safely say the Poulan Pro backpack blower is one of the best options out there. Even though it is made for residential use, thanks to its powerful engine it can fulfill tasks that are much harder. According to Poulan Pro backpack blower reviews, this model is a well-designed, robust and reliable leaf blower that can get the job done.

We also did research and based on this review; we would gladly recommend this blower to anyone who needs one. User reports suggest that the only bad side to this model is the fact that in some cases the package arrived with some missing components which were later very hard to obtain. Also, we have to mention that the user manual could be better since a lot of beginners have reported problems with the assembly.

However, the pros far outweigh the cons mentioned above, which makes this product a perfect pick for just about anyone. We are giving it 4.5 stars out of 5, and we invite anyone who wants a clean yard to go and get one.

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