Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Reviews: All About YTA24V48 Model

Husqvarna YTA24V48 Lawn Tractor

Mowing the lawn is rarely anyone’s chosen pastime, but it is a task to be accomplished nonetheless. Plus, when we do a job, we might as well do it the best way the first time round. In order to get the grass trimmed in a neat and manicured state, we need the best kind of lawn mowers that money can buy.

If we can afford it, we should have the most convenient one that’s also easy to use. Have a look at our Husqvarna lawn tractor reviews. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this mower.


What we Liked:

  • Great for large compound
  • Mowing in reverse option
  • Air induction technology to prevent jam

What we Disliked:

  • Bulky hence does not perform well in hilly terrains
  • Not worth the price, we feel this model here provides better results and value.

Now, there are several things that are required of your lawn mower. It should be powerful and come with some serious cutting ability. We don’t want to take the blades out to sharpen them again and again. We may want to ride on lawn mowers, but we certainly don’t want them to collapse underneath us.

In short, we want a sturdy, simple grass lawn mower that could take care of even the hilliest of gardens. When the grass gets long and unruly, we want that lawn mower to glide effortlessly and shear those misbehaved stalks into short, orderly uniformity. For all this, the HusqvarnaYTA24V48 lawn tractor assures us that we can get a sturdy, easy-to-assemble mower which can also appeal to our aesthetic sense.

A lawn mower such as this is an investment both in terms of cost and size. Hence, we need to know whether or not it would actually be worth all the hassle and effort. Fortunately, the manufacturers of the Husqvarna lawn mower have predicted just what a customer would need from such a purchase. They have hence made use of technological advancement and research to bring several conveniences with this lawn mower.

The result of this thoughtfulness is that there are several Husqvarna lawn mower parts providing convenience and ease to users.

One feature is the deck lever that is conveniently mounted on the fender with a spring. This makes the lawn mower immensely easy and convenient to handle.

Customers have also highly appreciated the ease of use that comes with this mower’s auto transmission. It is installed like a gas pedal and is hence familiar to those who drive cars with similar mechanisms.

Moreover, the sheer power and strength of this hulking mower has awed many individuals who used it. These are only a few reasons why most of the customers for this Husqvarna lawn mower have seriously recommended it.

Key Specifications

  • This lawn mower has an auto transmission for safe and risk-free operation
  • Choke-less starting is featured in this item
  • This item includes a charge port
  • plus-square
    This item includes an electric clutch
  • plus-square
    It is equipped with air induction technology that makes mowing consistent
  • plus-square
    The dimensions for this product are 73 x 53 x 48 inches
  • plus-square
    Weighs 670 pounds
  • plus-square
    This lawn mower has a 13 gage cutting deck made from reinforced steel
  • plus-square
    This lawn mower is powered by gasoline
  • plus-square
    This item runs on a 24-volt battery especially designed for lawn mowers
  • plus-square
    This item runs on a Briggs Stratton twin V 24 motor
  • plus-square
    This item has a hitch plate on its rear end
  • plus-square
    Deck lever mounted on fender
  • plus-square
    Spring-assisted deck lever for easy handling and operation
  • plus-square
    This product can be driven in reverse

Pros and Cons


1. Attachments Made Possible 

There is a hitch plate located on the back of the mower. This can be attached to something like a dump trailer for making things easier while you mow. For those who want to rake their large lawn, this plate is also handy for attaching a large rake.

2. Reverse Movements

There is also the option for mowing in reverse. However, there are several precautions to be taken in this regard. When in reverse, be sure that there are no kids or animals running around. You will not be able to see them if you’re operating this lawn mower in reverse mode. 

For mowing in a reverse direction, you can fix the key in a certain setting and let it be. You can then mow away in a backwards manner. However, this is a safety feature as well as a fun one. Forgetting about the key in this particular setting would cause the mower to backfire. This would automatically cause the engine to stop.

3. Advanced Technology

When we’re mowing the lawn, a field, or a garden, one of the main concerns is getting the cut of the grass straight and even. Unfortunately, the grass can get jammed in the cutting deck or the blades may not be of the same sharpness. The result can look quite untidy and unprofessional. This could seriously spoil the look of the whole neighborhood or just cause a general dissatisfaction.

To avoid this sort of frustration, this Husqvarna lawn mower includes air induction technology. Air induction technology is one of the latest advancements in the business of mowing lawns. It serves to open up the movement of air within the cutting deck. This means that the grass can move freely after it’s cut. As a result, the mower wouldn’t jam very often. This ensures that the mower wouldn’t be stalling and be able to deliver a neatly cut lawn every single time. 

4. Instruction Manual Included

In order to make full use of this technology, one should carefully peruse the instruction manual that comes with the mower. This would let you know just how to adjust the deck wheels and other parts for optimal performance. Some of the Husqvarna riding mower parts and accessories are modified for safer shipping. If you get them back on track, the performance would be as exceptional as promised.


1. Extremely Bulky

Since this item weighs a whole lot, it may not be delivered as easily as one would wish. You may need a forklift to get it down from the delivery truck.  If one doesn’t have access to this, they should have some manpower on hand, along with a few planks to slide the crate down on. After that, all you need is a hammer, saw, and crowbar to pry open the crate. Once the mower is unloaded and actually out of the box though, the rest of the process should hopefully go smoothly.

However, if you prefer a lightweight lawn mower which doesn't take up much storage spaces, you can read our best self propelled lawn mower reviews here, which we have listed down 5 other brands of lightweight gas powered lawn mowers which also do the same job.

2. Problems in Slopes

Many users of this mower have reported that it does not perform well with hills or any kind of slope. In short, this model has issues with climbing a slope and mowing at the same time.

Final Verdict

Husqvarna YTA24V48 Lawn Tractor

What We Liked:

  • Great for large compound
  • Mowing in reverse option
  • Air induction technology to prevent jam

What We Disliked:

  • Bulky hence does not perform well in hilly terrains.
  • Not worth the price, we feel this model here provides better results and value.

Those who’ve made the purchase are more than satisfied with their Husqvarna lawn mower.  For the most part, those who bought this tractor have a very large area to mow and take care off. Since this mower is quite bulky and packs a lot of power, it is more than equipped for such a job.

Along with this, there are several other capabilities of this mower. These include an excellent turning radius, a sharp cut, and amazing speed. Still, the cons of this mower reduces the overall rating to 3 out of 5. It does not perform well in hilly terrains due to the bulkiness.

We do not recommend buying this mower. For that amount of price, it will be better off purchasing this mower instead.

Our Husqvarna lawn tractor reviews have mostly cover over any issues that a potential owner may worry about. Here’s wishing you a smooth and exciting lawn mowing experience!

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