The Complete Ego Snow Blower Review (21 inch 56 Volt Single Stage Electric Type)

Ego snow blower review

Even though the winter brings with it the joy and cheer of the holidays, it also brings along mounds of snow that fills your walkways and driveways. Shoveling the snow out of your yard is a task that many would not look forward to as it requires a lot of hard work and cause reasonable pain in your back. In this Ego snow blower review, we are going to look after the much talked about best electric snow blower, the all new ego power+ snow blower. 

In regions where snow fall is regular, the task of snow removal is a necessity to keep your walkways accessible. Most of the reviews suggests that the ego snt2103 is a powerful cordless snow blower that provides the power and performance that you can only find in gas blowers. But when you use those gas snow blowers, you generate a lot of noise and smoke that may be a bit uncomfortable with some. However, with this model, it is completely silent without all the smoke and fuss.

Getting off the snow from your yard is never been so easy with the ego blower. Also the removal time also gets down to half the time when compared with other snow blowers in the market. People who have used ego snow blower have only given lot of positive reviews.

Ego Snow Blower Review (Specs + Features)


Compared to motors powered by gas, electric motors can be much more powerful and deliver a greater performance. Electric motors are much more reliable than gas motors as they come with the high power to weight ratio combined with incredible speed and power. With such power and speed, this self propelled blower is perfectly capable to handle heavy workload in clearing large quantities of snow. The motor is specially designed to be lightweight to make the snow blower weight almost less than 70 pounds making it easy to maneuver along the snow. The light weight design also enables the batteries getting overworked and provide a better performance than gas powered motors.


This snow blower comes with an option to choose whether to add the rapid charger along with the battery setup with the snow blowers. Since the rapid chargers are compatible with many ego products, and if you already own other tools that comes with a rapid charger, you can use those chargers for the snow blower too. The rapid charger is ultimately a quick chargers that takes only under 40 minutes to charge a full battery. 

But unlike other ego products, this electric snow blower is much powerful and hence needs at least a couple of batteries of 5Ah or 7.5Ah based on the amount of snow clearing you need to do. These batteries can easily withhold power for almost an hour. Even though they can be used during heavy snowfall, the batteries gets drained much quicker than before.


The all new ego leaf blower snow comes with a pretty much simple start method as all you need to do is push the button and the snow blower comes to life instantly. Forget all the hardship of pulling through a cord and wrenching your shoulders to start the snow blower.


This machine also comes with an excellent chute adjustment feature that allows you to work without any gap. The easy to use chute adjustment provides for a 180 degree rotation to easily remove snow all around your walkway. 

There is also a manual adjustment feature to control the height of the snow thrown from the blower. Another interesting aspect of this snow blower is the 35 ft throwing capacity which is excellent when compared to other snow blowers in the market as it helps to get rid of the snow to a long distance.


This ego blower comes with a much wider intake when compared to other snow blowers. The 21 inch intake can easily handle upto 7-8 inches of snow and the powerful electric motor makes the task of snow clearance easy and quick.


When it comes to single stage snow blowers, the efficiency of the machine is determined by the movement of the auger. Most of the single stage blowers come with a single speed, but the ego snow blower comes with multiple speed that helps in controlling the distance of the throw. The varying speeds also allows you to control how quickly you can finish the job of clearing out the job.


When many single stage blowers doesn’t feature headlights to allow for removing snow in dark or low light conditions, the EGO Snowblower comes with a couple of attractive LED headlights in the front that allows you to work on removing the snow even during the night. You never know there may be an emergency to move out during the night and the LED lights can come in handy to remove all the snow from your driveway and drive out quickly.

Pros and Cons of the Ego Snow Blower


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    One of the main reasons that single stage blowers are much more popular than other snow blowers is that they are lightweight. But still they can handle much more work when compared with other powerful snow blowers easily and quickly. This model is also easy to handle along with transporting from one place to another.

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    This blower is much more compact when you compare with other snow blowers in the market. Adding to the compactness, the handles can also be folded to provide much smaller space to store the machine. Since these snow blowers are used only during winter, if the blower is large and heavy in size, it may a take a lot of space in your garage. But the space required for storage is pretty much small as it specially designed to be compact and only occupies a small space in your garage. 

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    According to many online reviews, many are happy with the 5 year warranty that comes with the ego snow blower. When you compare with other snow blowers, 5 year warranty is very good as it covers for all damaged parts. Apart from the 5 year warranty, it also comes with a complete coverage for 3 years for your battery packs. 

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    Since it comes with an electric powered motor, maintenance is minimal when compared with gas powered motors. Removing the batteries is pretty much simple and the manual comes with all the required details about the various ego snow blower parts and their functionality. 



    Since the batteries are stored separately and when you want to start you snow blower, carrying the batteries to insert on the machine can be a daunting task and definitely aged people cannot do that easily. According to some reviews, many also suggest that the manner to insert the batteries into the machine is also a quite a tough task even though everything is clearly mentioned in the owner’s manual.

Final Verdict

Ego Snow Blower Reviews

We hope that the above Ego snow blower review would have provided you with all the features and capabilities and how it stands tall among its competitors. This marvellous snow blower  gets a high rating of 4.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. It is perfectly suitable for home and office and since it comes with a powerful electric motor, maintenance is also minimal when compared to gas powered motors.

With the EGO 21 at your disposal, you never need to worry about snow piling in front of your house as the snow blower can effectively clear out all the snow in no time. The Ego snow blower is also specially designed to be lightweight and compact which makes handling the snow blower much more easy and comfortable. Moving around the snow blower is also pretty much simple and it just requires a small space to store the snow blower when it is not in use.

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