Greenworks Snow Blower Reviews on Model 2600502

Are you sick of shoveling snow every day? Especially during those years that seem to go on and on until the end of March? Well, you might consider getting a snow blower. They can definitely make your days easier during the winter. And, if you are looking into them, you probably ran into this Greenworks one online. According to Greenworks snow blower reviews it is amazing, but we had to test it for ourselves.

Since we hate cleaning snow, we always had a snow blower. However, a time comes when you simply have to buy a new one. And, of course, before we got our own, we also went through a number of Greenworks snow blower reviews to get an idea of how good they are. Since the users before us usually had positive experiences, we went with it and got one. Bearing in mind that it is rather inexpensive, we didn’t know what to expect. Now, we can honestly say that this is a good snow blower.

So, what should you be on the lookout for while buying a snow blower? For starters, you want to know if it can handle the task at hand, so check if it is suitable for the surface you plan to use it on. Also, bear in mind that not every snowblower can handle the same amount of snow, And, when it comes to the machine itself, you should consider how maneuverable it is as well.

And, of course, this type of details are not easy to find. So, we made our own Greenworks snow blower review to make it easier for you.

The Basics

greenworks snow blower reviews

This powerful electric snow blower will definitely help you out during the winter. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get a hold of. At the very first glance, its specs are very encouraging. The powerful 13 amp motor will move the snow out of your driveway faster than you can believe. And, it easily discharges snow 20 feet away. The auger assistance also helps a great deal to ensure it moves even the harder snow from the bottom of the pile. And, the plowing capacity is rather incredible. It can plow through over 850 pounds of snow per minute.

The Design

When it comes to design, Greenworks’ signature green hue is what you can recognize their models by, and this one isn’t an exception. What we really like is the fact that they made this snow blower with functionality in mind. And, functional it is.

The Greenworks 2600502 weighs in at only 30 pounds, making it incredibly easy to move around. And it is wide enough to clear 20 inches of snow at a time. Of course, you can also fold the handle to store it easily when it is not in use. Overall, the design hits all the right notes with us. It looks good, it is practical, and it is lightweight.

The Field Test

A lot of people will tell you that you have to go with gas snow blowers to have power. That is not necessarily true, and this model proves it. Of course, it can’t match the power of a 3,000 dollar gas machine, but it can handle excessive amounts of snow. As we previously mentioned, it can throw 850 pounds of snow per minute to the distance of 20 feet. This is definitely not a motor you want to look down on. Just make sure that your cord is powerful enough to handle the 13 amp motor.

So, of course, we had to test it out to see if it can really handle a lot of snow. Thankfully for the test, this winter has given us more than enough material to work with. We had around 9 inches of snow on our driveway that needed removing.

The first thing we have to mention about electric snow blowers - they just start up immediately. If you talk to anyone who has had a gas blower, you would know how awesome that is. You just go out, plug it in, and start it up in a second. And you don’t have to even think about whether you have enough fuel in it or not. The second thing that we noticed was that it works like a charm. We were done in 10 minutes.

Another thing we would like to mention is that it runs very quietly for a snow blower. Of course, some noise is unavoidable, but you won’t agitate your neighbors with this model.

The plastic auger did not disappoint us and it did help us get down to the pavement. Upon inspection, we saw that it didn’t take any damage from working, so it seems like it will last for a while. We were also capable of easily adjusting the chute position in the 180-degree radius without stopping. One thing we had to do ourselves to prepare the driveway for the snowblower was kicking down the snow “hills” the snowplow leaves behind. The snow blower doesn’t have a self-propelling system so we had to push it ourselves. However, that wasn’t a problem as it weighs in at only 30 pounds.


One thing Greenworks is famous for is the fact that they stand behind their products. While pretty much everybody offers a warranty, most companies keep it down to a year or two. GreekWorks definitely outclasses that offer with their famous 4-year warranty. This means that you can get a free replacement or a repair if you notice any defects during the 4 year period. Of course, this only works if you are not using this snow blower for commercial purposes. But before you decide, you should definitely go to their website to see the exact terms and conditions of their warranties.

What Is It Best For?

This snow blower is perfect for use on up to 10 inches of snow. You can still use it if the snow crosses the 10-inch line, but it might take multiple passes. The machine is not quite ideal for those who live in areas that experience heavy snowfall. So, if 20 inches of snow is not a rarity for you, you may need to look for other brands as this snow blower might not be the best one for you. 

However, if you live in moderate areas we are certain this model can handle it. The only thing that dictates the area you can clear with this snowblower is the length of the extension cord you are using.


Proper maintenance is incredibly important for any machine you ever purchase. This is why you should do multiple checks of your gas-powered snow plowers before starting them. And you should do them every time. However, the Greenworks 2600502 is an electric snow blower. This essentially means that there is no real maintenance you have to do. With this model, you won’t have to waste your valuable time to change oil. Not to mention that certain aspects of maintenance of gas models can cost you a lot of money. The only maintenance you should do, from time to time, is cleaning. Simply wipe the auger. And pay some attention to see if there is an excess of dirt or salt on any other parts. If you notice it, simply wipe that too, and you are good to go.

However, you should pay attention to the extension cord. Make sure to buy the proper one, that can handle both the amps and the cold weather.

The Pros and Cons


  • A powerful motor that can clean 850 pounds of snow per minute
  • Lightweight electric snow blower that is easy to store
  • Quiet running
  • Next to no maintenance
  • Incredibly cost-effective. This unit will cost you less than mediocre, or even low-end gas-powered snow blowers


  • Lacks a self-propulsion system
  • You will have to buy the right extension cord for it
  • Not everyone has convenient power outlets near their driveway.

The Verdict

Greenworks 2600502 Snow Blower

If you need a powerful snow thrower that is simple to use, and you don’t want to break the bank to get it, this might be the perfect choice for you. We have gone through a number of different Greenworks snow blower reviews and they all agree on that matter. This is an incredibly affordable snow blower that will last you for a while. The four-year warranty definitely convinces us that Greenworks really believes in this product. In the end, is up to you. We do recommend this model as it truly deserves the 5-star rating we are giving it.

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