Best Massage Chair for Home Use 2019 [Reviews + Buyer’s Guide]

Finding an ideal massage chair for home is certainly a challenging venture – not necessarily because of the diversity of this market, but also because most people have no clue what to look for. It takes time to go through all the products out there, not to mention exploring each feature and trying to understand how it can actually help you.

According to the most specialists, you should first identify your needs and figure why you need a chair massager. Second, it's highly recommended to go through the best rated chairs on the market. There must be some reasons wherefore they sell so good. If these reasons match your needs, your job is almost done – you've just found the perfect chair.

Discover the benefits of using a massage chair and go through the detailed guide on what to look for in one, then you can go ahead and explore the best selling items. Here is a quick recap on what we think is the best massage chairs in the market today.

  • Value for money
  • Heating feature around the waist
  • L shaped track targeting from neck to toes.
  • Intense massage quite painful for some
massage chair for home
  • Smart Body Scan System
  • Built in heat therapy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quite heavy to move around
  • Professional Features
  • Extended leg rest - Ideal for taller users
  • Scanning Technology
  • Not very easy to assemble

A professional massage chair will easily reduce the pressure off your spine, as well as the tension off your nerves. As a direct consequence, it helps the user relax while providing therapeutic benefits. It stimulates a good posture and helps you maintain it, but it also relaxes the muscles throughout the whole body.

Apart from painful sensations and relaxation, massage chairs will relieve stress within seconds only. Stress doesn't affect the mental wellbeing only, but it also has negative physical effects. It can cause arterial hypertension and insomnia. In fact, it's said to be the modern enemy of the humankind.

With these aspects in mind, regular massages naturally improve the blood circulation. They shake and send vibrations throughout the body. Plus, tense muscles tend to constrict and prevent a healthy blood circulation. Loosening them allows transporting healthy nutrients all around.

All these benefits come together due to the effects of professional massages over the endorphin secretion. Endorphins are some chemicals responsible for how the body perceives pain. The more endorphins your body produces, the less pain you experience. Endorphins promote longterm wellbeing and even improve the immune system.

Unlike most expectations, a full body massage chair may have numerous benefits over the user's skin as well. How? During a massage, the skin heats up. When hot, it opens up the pores, so toxins are easily released. The improved blood circulation works with the same overall purpose – pushing toxins out.

Most people overlook the mood changes because they're simply too obvious. Think about it for a moment. Whether you end up relaxed, ready to sleep or pain-free, any of these results will make you feel good. It's all about being happy. With plenty of endorphins floating freely throughout your body, your mood will instantly improve.

Regular massages will also work on the breathing function. Most people experience breathing limitations at some point or another – usually after intense physical effort. Cutting down on the effort is not the answer, but improving the chest cavity. It's naturally constricted when back muscles fail to relax. A proper massage will clear this problem and improve the respiratory function overnight.

All these benefits will most likely help adults go through life at a faster pace. It's a matter of solving the natural issues caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. But at the same time, these chairs are customizable. A full body massage chair is not for you only, but for your entire family. Regular massages will not just relax your kids, but they'll prevent all these unwanted effects of a hectic lifestyle.

Different types of massage come with different benefits, hence the importance of going through the features, pros and cons of various chairs when trying to make a decision. It's essential to understand why you want a massage chair and how you can benefit from it upfront.

Table of Comparison

Product Name



  • L-track design.
  • Smart body scan system.
  • 6 Auto Programs.
  • 4 Manual Programs: Shiatsu/ Kneading/ Flapping/ Knocking.
  • Built-in heat therapy.


Price: $$$

  • L-track design.
  • 6 Auto & 5 Manual Programs.
  • Built-in lumbar heat therapy.
  • Built-in stereo speaker.


Price: $$

  • L-track design.
  • 4 Massage Programs: Relax/ Extend/ Recover/ Refresh
  • Built-in lumbar heat therapy.


Price: $

  • L-track design.
  • Lumbar heat therapy.
  • Bluetooth technology.
  • Built-in stereo speaker.
  • 6 Auto Program: Recovery/ Extend/ Relax/ Refresh/ Upper Body Auto/ Lower Body Auto


Price: $$$$$

  • 3D Flex guide massage
  • Dual lumbar heat therapy
  • 4 Auto Massage Programs: Stretch/ Flex/ Tone/ Ease


Price: $$$

5 Best Massage Chairs for Home Reviews

1. Medical Breakthrough 4 - Best Massage Chair for the Money

massage chair for home

Medical Breakthrough's massage chair comes with an innovative L design track that will easily support the curves of your body. It's well rated for the zero gravity position. Although most manufacturers try to provide this feature, the truth is a few of them can actually make you feel weightless. In terms of design, it's dark and stylish. It can literally go anywhere – your office, bedroom or even living room.

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It's impossible to overlook the Kahuna LM8600 when hunting for a high performing + value for money massage chair. The L shaped track is its main feature, as the massage will cover your whole body – down to the toes.

The L track is an innovation from the classic S track, which only follows the spine shape. As for back massages, this unit comes with 6 different automatic programs and 5 manual massage techniques for more customization. However, each massage can be set to last for only 15 minutes.

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3. Full Body Zero Gravity by BestMassage - Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Under $1000

Not everyone can afford spending a fortune on professional massage chairs, but everyone is entitled to having a relaxing massage every once in a while, not to mention pain relief.

If budget is your first consideration, the full body zero gravity massage chair by BestMassage will by far be one of your best options. It's priced accordingly because it doesn't come with any bells and whistle. It's simple, but it covers what really matters – a comfortable experience based on pain relief.

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4. Daiwa Legacy DWA-9100 - Best Massage Chair Ever

This massage chair is the most expensive in our list. We recommend this chair if you have extra money to splurge. After trying it out ourselves, our verdict is, "a mind blowing experience". Apart from targeting the whole body, the Daiwa model from U.S. Jaclean can also target specific areas based on the user's settings, such as the back, shoulders or thighs. If you're not sure about the right settings, just choose one of the six preset programs.

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This model is one of the best coming from the reputable manufacturer Human Touch. It is not the first generation of massage chairs coming from them, so they had plenty of time to improve previous model to achieve a perfectly running unit.

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Who These Massage Chairs Are Suitable For

Generally speaking, massage chairs are designed for people who require pain therapy. Their main role is to relieve pain from multiple parts of the body.

Most commonly, such pains are chronic and have no apparent reasons, but just an overall unhealthy lifestyle. They usually affect the back, shoulders and legs. Short term pains caused by injuries can also be kept under control with a quality massage chair.

Apart from the therapeutic reasons, these chairs are also suitable for people who want to relax. Nothing can be more relaxing than a professional massage mixed with reflexology. You don't have to go to a salon for that, but invest in a quality massage chair.

Whether you do it everyday or every week, a relaxing massage will soon become part of your lifestyle. You can have one on your lunch break at work or in the comfort of your bedroom before going to sleep.

Things to Look for in a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are quite diversified, yet they come with similar features. This twisted market makes it extremely confusing for a beginner to make a wise decision, hence the necessity of research.

First of all, think about sizing. Who will use this massage chair? How tall are the potential users? Most units are designed for people between 5 and 6 feet in height. The good news is that some chairs have adjustable footrests, so they may also accommodate taller users – just check the manufacturer's specifications.

Sizing covers the massage chair location as well. Where do you plan to keep it? Massage chairs are quite neutral in design and look like armchairs, so they can go in offices, living rooms or bedrooms. Apart from the actual size, think about the reclining features too. When fully reclined, some massaging recliners might need more than 2 feet both in front and back.

When it comes to features, they must match your personal needs. Analyze each feature and decide whether you need it or not. Don't fall for bells and whistles. Some features might seem nice to have, but you'll get bored after a while, so focus on the things that really matter.

Massage functions are part of these features. There are more types of massages out there. The more of them your chair can imitate, the better. Different massages have different effects, yet if you're only interested in relaxing after a long week at work, they'll all be able to do that. Some of the most popular functions include kneading, deep tissue, rolling, shiatsu massage, reflexology, vibration and tapping.

Massaging positions shouldn't be overlooked either. Many professional chairs come with reclining features, which means you're free to find whatever works for you. The best units will even bring in the zero gravity position, which relaxes every single part of your body due to clearing pressure points. In that position, chances are you'll feel weightless.

The power is often left behind. Its importance is quite obvious. Ask your kid to give you a massage, then ask an adult. You'll tell the difference right away. If you truly want to feel something and take advantage of all these effects, you better look for power.

Generally speaking, having more than one motor indicates a higher power. Your body will get used to the power overtime, so you'll need to keep it challenged – more power or perhaps different positions or programs. Some units even come with removable padding to make the massage more intense.

In terms of design, most chairs look like cozy armchairs. They're large and require some space, but they're neutral in appearance. They can go into offices, bedrooms or living rooms. They won't look bad, but might actually become the focal points.

As for the budget, set it upfront and stick to it. Sure, it pays off to research the market before deciding. You need to have some clues about what to expect for particular features.

All in all, from budget and features to sizing and durability, all these elements must be considered with your needs in mind.

Final Verdict

Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair

As a short final conclusion, massage chairs come in multiple varieties. Generally speaking, they aim to follow the same main features. There are no doubts that no matter which model you choose, you can benefit from a proper experience – relax, relieve pain and improve your overall health. However, small details often make the difference.

Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair aims to get as closely as possible to perfection. Everything works like advertised and it simply takes all the features to a new level. It's no surprise why 78% of all buyers rate it to be perfect. Although you can find similar features in other chairs too, this is the ideal massage chair for home for one major reason – it has professional features that you can usually find in specialist offices.

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