Full Featured Shiatsu iDeal Massage Chair [Review + Benefits]

Here we will be completely focused on the Ideal massage chair review, more precisely on the Ideal Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair. This is one of those models that simply stands out of the crowd. It offers the best performances, it is made to be appealing to all potential users and it offers health benefits which are simply outstanding. This massage chair looks like no other and it certainly massages like that!

Ideal massage chair website recently announced a new and upgraded version of their high-end massage chair. Here we will be focused on the Ideal massage chair that is simply loaded with features and made to meet the expectations of us many. In other words, if you are looking for the most sophisticated massage chair, this one will be just perfect for you.

Ideal massage chair review

Probably the best massage chair in 2017 is the Ideal Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair. This model is known to provide the best massaging performances of them all. The level of comfort is impressive, it is designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding people and the massage chair in question is specifically made to provide the latest features available in the world of massage chairs.

Superb Massage Modes

When it comes to massaging, this chair is something special. First and foremost, it is a zero gravity massage chair, meaning that it can be reclined so your spine has 0 pressure. There are three models to choose from and each one will provide extraordinary massaging at any given moment. You will notice this the first time you use the chair.

There are 4 massaging modes as well. They include shiatsu, kneading, vibration and spinal rolling. Each mode is preset to 30 minutes, but a user has an opportunity to choose any duration between 5 and 30 minutes. In essence, this allows for all users to choose the most desirable duration of the massage and to get the most out of it.

Heat therapy is available as well. The chair we have here is equipped with a heating element located in the back of the chair and it ill heat the back, allowing for the muscles to relax even more and to boost the overall effect of the massage to a completely different level.

Scanning Mode Is Included as Well

Yes, believe or not this chair does come with a scanning mode, which made it the best massage chair in the world in this price range of course. What this means is that the chair will scan the body in order to determine the best and the most personalized program and settings for your body. What this means is that the comfort and the overall appeal of the massage will be enhanced. At the same time, you will get the best massage possible.

Keep in mind that this model comes with S-track roller. It is more common for affordable massage chairs and it comes as an alternative for L version, which is commonly seen in more expensive massage chairs. The unit here will massage you from the bottom to the upper part of the body and it will adapt to the shape of the spine.

In addition, the scanning mode will be activated only the first time you use the chair. After that, the chair will memorize the unique set of requirements, your body actually needs and store it for later usages. What this means is that your massaging is actually personalized.

Superb Value for Money

We simply must mention that the model in question is the best value for money possible. It is one of the most affordable massage chairs that comes with all the features you are going to need and with all elements that more expensive models have to offer. What this means is that a massage chair in question will be a bargain at the moment and it is probably the best for all of you who are looking for a great massage chair on a tight budget.

Full-Body Massage

Yes, as you would expect, this massage chair offers you a full body massage. This means that your shoulders, neck, arms, back, legs and even feet will be massaged. An interesting fact is that this particular model comes with 6 rollers located for massaging feet. The overall result is more than just impressive and this used to be a feature reserved for more expensive models. Now, you can enjoy it with this, affordable massage chair.

Massaging result will be more than just effective and you will enjoy in every minute the chair will provide for you. Let’s add the fact you can adjust the intensity, the modes and adjust the massaging perfectly as you want. It is possible to get a decent massage within 5 minutes. But, most of you will want a longer massage so you can have it now.

Easy to Assemble

Some of you will believe that this massage chair is extremely complicated to assembly, but this isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, you will need less than 30 minutes to assemble the chair. Basically, there are a few screws and bolts and that’s it.

User manual and the instructions for the assembly are detailed and well-written, so you won’t need help with this task. Even if this is the first massage chair you are going to the assembly, you will do it in the aforementioned amount of time. In addition, this is one of the easiest massage chairs to assembly, which is definitely an advantage.


When it comes to the warranty, we can see a 3-year warranty on the electronics and the steel frame. The chair also comes with a 10-day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with it, you can always get your money back. We tested it and we were actually impressed with the overall performance and the overall quality.

The Pros and Cons


  • Value for money is impressive
  • The chair comes with advanced programs and zero gravity feature
  • You will need 30 minutes to assembly the chair
  • Full body massage even your feet are going to be massaged


  • S-track roller system is less effective than L-shaped version
  • The lack of entertainment features

Who Is This Ideal Massage Chair Most Suitable To?

If we take into consideration all the aforementioned facts, we must recommend this chair for all of you who are looking for a great value for money massage chair and for all of you who want the latest features. Yes, this model is affordable, but it still offers the highest quality possible and it comes with the features which used to be available only on more expensive massage chairs. Now, you have an opportunity to have all of this at a great cost.

Try to remember that this isn’t a cheap massage chair with low-end features. It is actually a high-end model capable of meeting even the highest requirements and it will make you a happy person every single time you use it.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have been among us for a long period of time and during that period they have been enhanced all the time. What this means is that the latest models can perform better than actual masseurs.  They are sophisticated, clever and capable of making your health better than ever before. This is possible thanks to the benefits these chairs have to offer. Click here to find other models in the market.

Reduce Stress

First of all, massage is known to reduce stress, so a massage chair will offer precisely that for you. You can expect levels of stress to be completely eliminated from your life and to get the benefits like when you use an actual masseur. Low or no stress is linked to a healthier heart, better mood, better circulation and etc.

Enhance Blood Circulation and Muscle Relaxation

Better circulation and enhanced muscle relaxation are two main advantages of massage chairs. There is no other way to get these benefits except to get an actual massage. But, if we know that massage chairs are more affordable (over a longer period of time) and they are more accurate, we can deduce that the best way to get the benefits in question is to own a massage chair.

Posture Adjustment

Better posture is also something you are going to get. In other words, muscles and bones will be relaxed and restored in the natural shape, so they will adjust to the best posture, suitable for your body of course. This is something that can be noticed very quickly, so expect to see it within a couple of days after the first massage on your new massage chair.

Massage chairs are known to have a huge positive effect on the spine and the nerves that go through it. They will decrease the levels of stress on the nerves and therefore make movement easier than ever before. This benefit cannot actually be described with words, so you will have to try a massage chair and to determine this benefit.

In the lack of a better word, a massage chair is something that can make a huge difference and something that can help you live better and a healthier lifestyle. In reality, they offer almost 100 benefits and each one is directly linked to your health. Better said, using a massage chair will help you stay in perfect health as long as you want, literally.

Final Verdict

Ideal Massage Chair

Ideal massage chair review

The Ideal massage chair review should help you understand one thing only. Why this chair is so special and why it is an extremely popular model at the moment. Just keep in mind that you will get all the features you actually need, a great level of quality and all of this at an affordable price. There are no severe drawbacks regarding the massage chair we have here and in our tests, it performed perfectly.

Now all of you can finally have an affordable massage chair which offers all the advantages of far more expensive models. It is definitely a model to consider if you are looking for superb value for money.

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