Best Portable Massager Reviews: Impressive, Tiny and Convenient

New and modern portable massagers are truly impressive, small devices that can help you relax, eliminate the pain and refresh at the same time. Of course, in order to get all three, and not just one benefit, you will need the best portable massager. The models we have tested and reviewed offer a lot and they are simply the best available on the market.

Product Name

Type & Targeted Area




Head + Facial + Body

  • Body percussion 3,700 RPM
  • Facial Micro Vibrating 10,000 RPM
  • 6 massage sticks
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 180 hours continuous use
  • 1.75lbs
  • 1-Year Warranty


Price: $$


Whole Body

  • 6 pre-programmed massage modes
  • 20 levels of intensity
  • 2 outputs with 4 pads
  • Adjustable timer 10-60 mins
  • Up to 20 hours use
  • Lifetime-Warranty


Price: $$$$


  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Optional 5 mins heating compressure massage
  • Wireless
  • 4 x AA battery 
  • AC output
  • 1-Year Warranty


Price: $


Neck & Back

  • 8 massage nodes - Deep kneading shiatsu
  • Rolling massage node
  • 3 level of intensity
  • Optional heat feature
  • 2 selectable massage mode (Auto-reversing & Single direction)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 1-Year Warranty


Price: $$

Seat Topper

Neck, Back & Hips

  • Deep kneading shiatsu + rolling massage nodes
  • 3 level of intensity
  • Optional heat function
  • Handheld remote control
  • Foldable design for easy carrying and storage
  • 15.56 lbs
  • 1-Year Warranty


Price: $$$$

Best Portable Massager Reviewed

1. Pure Wave CM-7: Hand Held Massager

Best portable massager

Obviously, Pure Wave CM-7 is the best portable massager, and that is the reason why it  has to be the first on our list. The advantages and the list of benefits it offers are truly epic. Let’s start with the design. This unit looks modern and well-designed. It is practical, convenient and it can be used for multiple purposes. And yes, when used as instructed, the massager will eliminate muscle pain, knots, and all possible issues. Thanks to the cordless design, you can use it anywhere you go. Recharging the battery is simple and fast. This is the second most important reason why we rated this unit so high. In addition, you get 6 massage tips.

High-Speed Percussion Motor

One of the main advantages and the main reasons why the tested unit is capable of performing perfectly is the electric motor.

In this case scenario, we are looking at the 3.700RPM unit. Thanks to this, the massager is capable of relieving pain, eliminating knots and so much more. In other words, you will feel better than ever before and you will enjoy using the massager.

Facial Micro-Vibration Motor

This is actually a different feature than the first we have mentioned. It refers to the special motor capability to provide micro-vibrations. As such, it is designed and made for facial massages. Don’t forget that the battery will be full in just 1 hour and it can last 180 minutes!


  • Innovative design
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless model
  • 6 tips are included in the package
  • Great battery
  • Facial massage supported


  • Heavy
  • Battery is not very long-lasting

2.Unimed Massager Pro: Electric Pulse Massager, TENS Unit

Unimed Massager Pro is the best handheld massager model we were able to find. The tested model is a combination of PMS and TENS unit. What this means is that it is mostly focused on pain relief.

The same units have been used by therapists for more than 40 years and they are commonly recommended today as well. So you can get a clear picture of how effective this unit is.

The battery can last for 20 hours of use, which is sufficient. The massager works by sending electrical impulses deep into the tissue, which will stimulate the nerves and therefore stop the pain signals reach the brain. All of this release endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

6 Massage Modes

All users can choose between 6 different modes for massaging. Just some of them are foot, acupuncture, tapping, combo and etc. All you have to do is to place the electrodes to the desired place and activate the unit. It will automatically perform the massage which will decrease pain and release the aforementioned endorphins. We actually tested this feature and yes, it works perfectly. You are free to tr6y all 6 models and discover which one is the most suitable for you.

Timer Feature

You get a button with the T symbol. It refers to the timer and you can program the massager to massage you between 10 and 60 minutes, using just one button. For beginners, we will recommend shorter massage times. But, if you have strong and persistent pain, you will want longer massages. Basically, they are more effective and the nerve stimulation is much better.


  • Actual PMS and TENS unit which is recommended by the healthcare providers
  • Eliminates pain and releases endorphins
  • Timer feature
  • 6 different modes


  • Difficult to use while on the move
  • Considered on the high price side

Keep in mind that this isn’t the handheld device. The name means that the unit is designed and made for a hand massage. That’s why it looks like it does. All you have to do is to place the hand inside the massager, turn it on and you are done. Relax and look how carefully and wisely the unit will massage your hand.

The tested model uses air pressure and it is based on all-new technology. The air pockets will squeeze your hand and remove ache and pain literally from your life. This unique set of features made it the best thing for all computer workers or all users who have issues with their hands. The massager is easy to use, it is extremely comfortable when used and it actually works.

Smart Timer

The unit will determine the duration of the massage your hand needs and will apply the corresponding timer.

In most cases, you are looking at a massage time of 5 minutes, but you can manually prolong it to 10 or 15 minutes. The entire time, the unit will use air pockets to relieve pain and restore the overall health and flexibility of a hand.

Optional Heating Feature

This may be the best massager for athletes due to the fact it comes with the heat feature. It can be manually activated when needed and it heats the hand, making it more relaxed than usual. The overall result is impressive. The circulation will be significantly improved and the flexibility of the hand will be on a completely new level. It is also interesting to try the feature when you have cold hands.


  • Superb results in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless model (can be used with a charger)
  • Optional heat feature
  • Smart timer


  • Limited use for hands only

4. Brookstone Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager: Neck Massage

There is no need in telling you that this is the best electric massager for your neck. Of course, it is designed specifically for this purpose. 

The tested unit was more than just powerful and comfortable to use. You will have to place it on your neck and hold the handles while you get the massage. By pulling the handles you can literally adjust the pressure intensity. Of course, you are able to use vibrations as well.

The massager is designed to simulate the shiatsu massage, and we can add that it does cleverly and to the point. Of course, this unit is far more affordable than getting frequent, shiatsu massages.

3 Vibration Intensity Levels

You are free to choose between different intensity levels the massager has to offer. All of them can be chosen within seconds and the difference is obviously noticeable. The best result is obtained when you are using the highest intensity mode. However, some of you will want to start small and use the lower intensity level, until they get used to the massage.

Rolling Massage Nodes

The tested model is equipped with actual massaging nodes which are the same as on massive massaging chairs you were able to see. Of course, those chairs have more nodes, but when it comes to the neck massage, they are less effective than the unit we have here. All of this should help you understand that this is the best massager for your neck, period.


  • Excellent resullt
  • 3 vibration levels available
  • Massive massaging nodes are superb
  • Lightweight


  • Lower heating feature
  • Users can use their hands during a massage

5. Brookstone S8 Shiatsu Seat Topper: Neck and Back Massager

All of you who are looking for a way to make any chair a real massage chair should appreciate and like the model we have here. It is a nice improved compared to similar models, simply because it offers massage for back and neck, while many other units offer back massage only. This is a significant improvement and it can make a huge difference in general. Of course, there are a few advanced features you will have to know. So let’s check them out.

Nods Travel The Full Length

The main advantage here is the fact you will get the ability to use nodes which will travel the full length on your back. This makes the massage so much better and has a huge overall effect on the pain elimination. There is no point in explaining the benefit here in detail. All you have to know is that it makes the massager so much better, compared to similar models so it had to be on the list.

Modern Remote

There is no need to look for the buttons or levers on the massager in question. It is controlled completely via the remote controller which is always within hand range.

There is a side pocket which is used for the remote controller only so you can instantly change the time, mode or activate heat feature. This is another main difference compared with other models.


  • Deep-kneading nodes
  • Advanced massage modes
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely portable and practical
  • Well-made


  • Too strong for some users
  • Complicated user manual

Buyers Guide for The Best Portable Massager

Now you know which are the best portable massagers, but how we reached to the conclusion? That’s why you are going to need a buyer’s guide. This is another way we can help you with the choice.

Modern massagers are all but simple. They have dozens of features, they are based on a different design principle and they are based on different technologies. As such, which massager is the best for you? Yes, almost all of them are portable, but what kind and which features you will actually need. Use the guide below to make a difference between two or more models and find the unit which is the most suitable for you.

Type of Massager

Here we can see three main types. The first type is the one that uses vibrations, achieved thanks to the electric motor. They are the smallest and the most compact handheld massagers on the market. Some of them are even smaller than an average smartphone. On the other hand, they are used for simple massages and they are not extremely effective for the whole body. Due to their size, they are more used for spot massaging.

The second type is a massager that uses impulses. Those models are commonly known as PMS and TENS units. They have electrodes which will have to be carefully positioned and they can be used for different parts of a body. You will control them via the control panel which is stationary. Also, they are great when it comes to spot massaging, but there is a special feature they offer. These units are perfect for pain management. They send electrical impulses to the tissue which activates the nerves and eliminates pain. They also affect the endorphin levels in the blood. They increase them.

The third type is massagers which use nods or mimic shiatsu massage. They are more common for neck and back massages and they are extremely beneficial. You are going to love these shiatsu massagers and enjoy every minute while using them. However, they are massive in size and they are usually developed for home use targeting your whole body.

Targeted Areas

This is the second main factor to consider. What part of a body will you want to massage?

If you are looking for a back, you will need a massager that is designed for back massages specifically. If you are looking for hand massager, you will need an appropriate unit. Basically, there are massagers which are designed for massaging one spot on the body. It may be the neck, hand, back, feet, shoulder and etc.

It is essential to choose a model that can be used for massaging one spot or several ones if you have a need. For example, the first model we have mentioned here can be used for massaging feet, back, neck and even face.

Facial Massage

This is a small and rare factor, but it may be the most important for some of you. In essence, the massager will have a feature which allows it to be used for facial massage. This type of massage is more special than any other and it is possible thanks to the low-intensity electric motor in a massager.

The results are to contribute to a more elastic skin, younger look, and relaxation of the facial muscles. Keep in mind that there are not a lot of models with this feature in the market.

Power Source

There is no need to tell you that nowadays massagers come with several power options. Users can choose between two main types. The first one is old-school power cord models. As the name tells you, they have a power cord which will have to be plugged in a socket. The main benefit is the fact you always have a fully optimized and powerful massager which offers great results. You don’t have to worry about the battery. There are drawbacks as well. These models are bigger and more complicated to use. Also, they can’t be used in remote locations.

The second type is battery-powered massagers. These models are the best when it comes to practicality. They literally can be used on a desert island and they will still provide excellent results. Yet, you will have to worry about the battery. Most of them can last up to 7 hours when fully charged and will require one hour to recharge, but the run time will decrease with the age of the massager!

There is a third type of massagers, but they are rare and commonly classified as the battery-powered units. Basically, they run on batteries, or they can use them, but they also offer a power cord so they can be plugged in devices.


Let’s face it, the size of a massager can make a huge difference. You will need a small and practical model if you are planning to use it while on the go. On the other side, we have much bigger models which are designed for stationary use. Those units are typically designed to be used on chairs, so transporting them may be an issue.

The main advantage is the quality and the type of a massage they offer. They have different modes and they are superb when it comes to massaging the whole body or large areas.


You will hold your portable massager in the hands the entire time, so the last thing you want is a high weight. Always look for lightweight models, unless you are getting a chair-based model. In that case scenario, the weight is irrelevant.

A good thing is the fact that new models are made of special material, so they are extremely strong, yet lightweight and durable. Here you can see the different fabric, leather, plastic, composite materials and etc. The factor should be taken into consideration even when you are purchasing a small, handheld unit. As the name suggests, it will be in your hand the entire time, so a low weight is the best option.

Heating Feature

This feature is typically based on infrared rays. What they do is penetrate deeper into the skin and make the tissue more relaxed. It is known that the heating function helps to improve the blood flow.

Most of the models come with this feature, but not all of them have it. If you suffer from pain, or if you are looking for a massager for frequent usages, this is a feature to look for. In addition, you will want to consider the heat intensity settings. There are usually a few of them.

Additional Tips or Heads

It refers to the additional tips a massager can be paired with. Some are designed to be used on the face, others for specific body parts while the third ones are purpose-made tips.

For example, the first model we tested comes with 6 different tips. You will definitely want all of them, due to the fact this makes the massager far more useful and more advanced. We can say that these tips make a huge difference between average and a state of the art massager.


Almost all massagers come with this feature. Obviously, there is no need to explain it. What we must explain is that the intensity adjustment must be your priority. It makes a huge difference in general and it makes a massager just perfect. This is the feature to look for if you need pain relief or a relaxation-focused massager.


Nods are specific and they are present in massagers which are bigger. They are nothing more than balls which will be rotated and moved across your back or neck. For most users and we also agree with that claim, nods offer the best form of massage in general. In this case scenario, you will want to look for the number of nods, their size and the movement possible. The more is always merrier in this case.


Modes are basically massages you will be able to use. Here we can see shiatsu, Swedish massage, acupuncture, tapping and etc. Without any doubt, this is a feature to look in.

More modes will make a massager more desirable and better for frequent use. It also means that the unit will be capable of providing much better results and will put a smile on your face. We also like the fact users can switch between different massage modes and choose the one that makes them feel the best at that particular moment.


How well can you fold your new massager? For smaller units, this isn’t a relevant factor. Almost all of them can fit a pocket. On the other hand, we can see massive massagers which can be folded and packed in a small bag. You need this factor if you are looking for a unit which will be used in different locations.

Car Option

An interesting and small factor we have here. Basically, it means that a massager can be used in a car, so it will come with a car lighter support. Not all models come with this advantage and it isn’t something you can add later on. Car uses 12V while your house uses 220V. For taxi drivers and users who spend a long time in their cars, this is definitely a feature to look for.

Control Panel

How and where you will control your new massager? Once again, this refers to bigger models only. They come with a remote controller or a control panel where all the buttons are. Look for units which have modern and simple remote controllers. A professional handheld massager must come with easy to use control panel. Users don’t want to waste hours in looking for the right button.


A type of material which is used in the manufacturing process makes a huge difference. Most, handheld models are made of plastics. Now, you should look for heavy-duty plastics. They have vibrations, so cheap plastics will be useless and will provide just a few weeks of use. Heavy-duty one will last for years.

If you are looking for a bigger massager, look for heavy-duty and rough fabric or material in general. Basically, this is something that can make a massager last longer than usual.


Some massagers come with a warranty of one year only, while others come with a warranty of 3 years. This is an individual matter and it cannot be generalized. On our list, we have mentioned only the best models with the best warranties. Look for units that offer a long warranty, but also a money back guarantee.

The second guarantee is the most important when it comes to the new models which are still fresh on the market so there are no many users who have been using them for a longer period of time. Try to remember that a massager will be frequently used, so you don’t need a model that can’t last long. After all, you are paying for the quality.

Final Verdict

Pure Wave CM-7 Massager

There is no other way to tell you this than simply saying that the Pure Wave CM-7 is the best portable massager. This small unit has it all and we must give it 5 out of 5 star rating. In a nutshell, it offers advanced features, it is easy to use and it is well-made. You will appreciate its features and the overall quality, among other advantages.

If you are looking for a different type of a massager, be free to check out one of the other models from our list. Each one is the best in the class. Of course, now you have the most comprehensive buyer’s guide in front of you, so be free to read it and understand how and why the 5 models reached our list. It will also be helpful if you are looking for something else, or better said a more specific type of a massager.

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