Best Wheelchair Reviews: 15 Models That Deserve Your Attention

Spending days or years in a wheelchair is uncomfortable, demanding and packed with many additional issues. As such, most of you will want to find a way to make it easier. The best way is quite obvious. You need the best wheelchair in order to make your life more comfortable and easier.

However, they come in various sizes, with different features and etc. So choosing them may be complicated. In our article, we will be focusing on three types of wheelchairs categories, ie lightweight, electric and manual. Here are some of the best units according to their respective category.

For most of the users, the lightest wheelchair will be the best choice. They are obviously the simplest ones to use and they are easy when it comes to movement.

However, there are some models which are better than the others. This means that you need our best lightweight wheelchair reviews in order to get the most suitable choice.

Product Name



  • 38 x 22 x 38 inches
  • 29 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 12" Rear Wheels
  • Price: $


  • 33 x 22 x 36 inches
  • 17 lbs (without riggings)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 8" Rear Wheels; 6" Front Wheels
  • Price: $


  • 24 x 10.8 x 33.5 inches
  • 15 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 8" Rear Wheels
  • Price:$ 


  • 31 x 18 x 36 inches
  • 35 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • 24" Rear Wheels
  • Price: $


  • Product Weight: 36 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Price: $$


  • 42 x 28 x 35 inches
  • 41 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • 24" Rear Wheels
  • Price: $


Our Personal Favourite

1. Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition - Best Lightweight Wheelchair for Elderly

Best wheelchair

All of you who are searching for the best wheelchairs for elderly which are extremely lightweight will benefit from the model in question. They are made of super-light materials, but they are still very durable and strong. This makes them the most common alternative at the moment. We should add that this particular model is one of the best-selling units.

Folding feature is as advanced as possible. All you have to do is to press them in the middle and fold them flat, so transporting them will be easier than ever. It is impressive how the manufacturer was able to make big and comfortable wheelchair fold in a small size.

Overall, the model we tested performed well and it is specifically designed for elderly people. It also comes with 12 inches flat tires, so using the wheelchair is easier than ever before.

19 Pounds of Weight

Believe or not, the whole wheelchair weighs only 19 pounds. We should add that this makes them the lightest in the class and therefore the best choice for users who are looking for an extra-light wheelchair.

Despite the low weight, none of the essences was sacrificed. The wheelchair still comes with all the features an average and advanced user will need, they are comfortable and durable. The quality is at the highest level possible.

Brakes Included

This model deserves a special place on our best lightweight wheelchair review list thanks to the small, yet important features it comes with. For example, it is packed with brakes with levers located beside the handles. This makes use much easier and safer at the same time.

When we are discussing safety, we should add that this unique model also offers seatbelt. It is reasonably comfortable, easy to use and it has a positive, overall effect.


  • Brakes
  • 19 pounds of weight
  • Easy to use and fold
  • Durable and well-made
  • Seat belt is included


  • Complicated assembly
  • Heavy leg rest

2. Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight

If you are interested in getting a wheelchair which is made for a busy lifestyle, then this model is the best choice. It is also well-made and comes with almost identical features as the first unit we mentioned. However, it has smaller wheels. At the front, we can see 6 inches wheels, while at the back you have 8 inches version.

Folding the wheelchair is obviously possible, but it is slightly different than other models have to offer. Basically, you will have to fold the backrest and get the more compact design. We were not impressed with this feature and believe that it is complicated and has a negative effect on the transporting capabilities.

Rear wheels can be locked and they are unable to accidentally unlock regardless of the type of use you have on your mind at that particular movement. A seat belt comes as standard and using is relatively simple.

Padded Armrests

In order to understand how sophisticated yet simple, this wheelchair is, you need to take a look at the armrests. They are small, yet positioned just perfectly and they are padded as well. What this means is that all the users will get the ultimate level of comfort all day long and arm pain won’t be an issue.

We will also add that the general level of comfort is on a high level and this wheelchair can be rated as some of the most comfortable models in this price range or a class if you prefer.

Improved Practicality

On the back, we have a small pocket which is a desirable addition. Then we can see that footrests are fully adjustable and comfortable as well. The bottom line here is that the wheelchair comes with improved practicality compared to most other models from this price range.


  • Adjustable footrests
  • Padded armrests
  • Back pocket
  • Durable and safe


  • Folding capabilities
  • One design available only

3. Medline Ultralight Transport Mobility Wheelchair - Best Lightweight Wheelchair For Travel

As the name suggests, this wheelchair is perfect for travelers and for users who will use them at different locations. First of all, you can choose a version of the wheelchair that suits you the best. There are gray, blue and black versions of the same model. Keep in mind that this is a rare possibility in the world of wheelchairs.

Then we have the weight. When fully assembled, this model will weigh under 15 pounds. It still offers a decent weight load and it comes with excellent advantages and sophisticated features. We also noticed that it offers some advanced features which are not common right now.

The seat is massive and its size is 19 inches. We believe that the most users won’t have any complaints regarding the seat and it will meet their expectations, even if they are extremely high.

Restaurant-Style Armrests

You may notice that armrests are slightly different than other models have to offer. This is due to the fact this model is designed for travels and as such, it must be used in restaurants. The armrests use this design in order to allow you to get closer to the table. Yes, it is small, yet incredibly important feature.

300 Pounds Weight Load Capacity

Even the people with heavy weight can use this wheelchair. The overall weight load is 300 pounds. Keep in mind that they weigh only 15 pounds, so this can be an advantage in the lack of a better word. When folded, they can be transported in any trunk, beside the higher than the usual weight load.


  • Great weight load
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Restaurant-style armrests
  • Available in different color versions
  • Easy to fold


  • Level of comfort
  • Hard to use the brakes

4. Karman Healthcare LT-800T Series

Here we have one of the best wheelchair brands available on the market. The model we tested was appreciated for several things. The first one is nice and easy to clean upholstery. It is very strong, yet makes the wheelchair comfortable and easy to use at all times. We believe that this type of upholstery should be implemented on all other wheelchairs.

The sitting depth is 19 inches which is standard for most wheelchairs. Besides it, you also get a massive seat which is extremely comfortable to use and comes with excellent back rest. The combination of these two makes the wheelchair even more comfortable.

Footrests can be removed or adjusted easily as well. An average user will need under 4 minutes to adjust them according to his preferences. The weight load is 250 pounds, which is slightly lower than the previous model we tested, yet it is reasonably decent. The bottom line is that this wheelchair offers you all you are going to need.

24-Inches Rear Wheels

One of the biggest differences between this and other models in this category is the wheels. They are massive with the diameter of 24 inches. They are also loaded with an additional ring so the users can use the wheelchair all by themselves. Combined, this means that the movement is easier than ever before and you are free to use the wheelchair anywhere you want.

Advanced Brakes

The brakes are designed to be used as simply as possible and in order to provide the highest level of safety. We liked this advantage a lot and we believe that it is one of the most important reasons why you need to consider this particular model. Don’t forget that the brakes are slightly different than other models have to offer, so you may need some time to get used to them.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Great upholstery
  • Massive rear wheels
  • Great brakes
  • Easy to use
  • Check Circle
    Superior finish


  • Lower weight load
  • Lack of seat belt

5. Invacare Tracer SX5

The Invacare tracer sx5 wheelchair is an interesting alternative to all aforementioned models. The first thing you are going to notice is bigger design than usual and plenty of advanced features. Obviously, this is another model on our list that comes with big rear wheels.

The frame is a masterpiece and it allows plenty of adjustments to the users. It is also very strong and designed to withstand any type of use. On the other hand, we have a higher weight. When fully assembled, the wheelchair will weigh around 36 pounds, which is more than other models mentioned here.

The wheels are made of urethane so they are very durable and comfortable at the same time. Don’t forget that the seat is made of high-quality materials as well. There is no need to worry about the maintenance or the durability of the components.

Different Seat Height Adjustments

The frame you can see is specific. It comes with two axle adjustment feature meaning that the seat height can be easily adjusted within seconds. This is the floor-seat height, so basically, each user can adjust the distance between the seat and the floor. We can add that the possibilities are endless and make this a massive advantage.

Low Maintenance

While some wheelchairs are complicated to maintain, this model isn’t. There is almost no maintenance needed. When you get them, you will need to attach some elements and the wheelchair will be ready for use. Wheels, seat and the frame don’t need to be controlled regularly and they don’t require any of the maintenance requirements other models will.


  • Low maintenance
  • Massive and durable frame
  • Seat to floor adjustments
  • Decent upholstery
  • Excellent strength


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

6. Drive Medical Cruiser III

The Drive Medical Cruiser III is an upgraded version which has been with us for a long period of time. This wheelchair has a lot to offer and we liked the fact the manufacturer upgrades them occasionally. As you can see, this is the third variation of the original model. Are there some advantages? Yes, there are a lot of them.

The frame you can see here is new and has been designed in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding people. It allows for you to adjust the front wheels in three different positions easily and to adjust the wheelchair for a specific need of a user.

The design also allows you to use different back inserts or accessories. This is possible thanks to the guide elements which have been redesigned as well. Now they make the wheelchair more than just suitable for all kinds of uses. Other facts we should mention include massive rear wheels and a foldable design.

Carbon Steel Frame

The frame, as we have mentioned earlier, has been redesigned and made to meet the expectations of all users. It is made of carbon steel, so it is extremely durable. This type of steel is used in blade manufacturing and elements which must meet impossible tasks. In other words, you get a frame which will withstand almost anything.

Sealed Heavy-Duty Bearings

All the wheels on this wheelchair have been paired with heavy-duty bearings of the highest quality.

The bearings are smooth when used, they affect the accuracy and they make the wheelchair suitable for those who want the top-notch quality when using a wheelchair. It also means that the wheelchair will last for a longer period of time.


  • Low maintenance
  • New frame made of carbon steel
  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Possibilities of adjustments
  • Great for use with back inserts


  • Heavy
  • Complicated adjustment

Best Electric Wheelchairs

For some of you, electric wheelchairs will be the top option. They do come with impressive advantages such as superb movement, easy to use and they are made to last for a long period of time.

They are also made to be used by the individual, without the help of another person. Of course, the possibilities they offer come in a much higher number and we can’t list them all. Now you will see the best electric wheelchairs.

Product Name



  • 31.5 x 22.4 x 33.1 inches
  • 44 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • 8" Rear Wheels
  • Lithium battery - Up to 10+ miles driving distance
  • Price: $$$$$


  • 38 x 25 x 37 inches
  • 50 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 397 lbs
  • Travel Speed: 5MPH
  • 12.5" Rear Wheels
  • LFP Lithium battery - Up to 16 miles driving distance
  • Price: $$$$$


  • 35 x 24 x 35 inches
  • 50 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 295 lbs
  • Travel Speed: 5MPH
  • 9" Rear Wheels
  • Dual lithcium battery - Up to 6.25 miles each
  • Price: $$$$$ 


  • 31 x 24 x 33 inches
  • 50 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • 9" Rear Wheels
  • Lithium ion battery - Up to 15 miles
  • Price: $$$$$ 


  • 42.5 x 26 x 36 inches
  • 90 lbs (without battery)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 12.5" Drive Wheels
  • Max Speed: 5.5 MPH
  • Lithium ion battery - Up to 15 miles
  • Price: $$$$ 


Our Personal Favourite

1. EZ Lite Cruiser: Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The EZ Lite Cruiser is simply the best wheelchair model money can buy at the moment. It is also one of the best lightweight wheelchairs you can have. The weight is 50 pounds and this includes the battery, the motor, and all other elements. But you can still easily fold and transport them anywhere you want.

The overall quality and the design is the most impressive. This model looks extraordinary in the lack of a better word and they can be used in any situation you may be in. We will explain this matter later on.

The weight of the wheelchair is low, but the weight load is decent at 254 pounds. All this means that you don’t have to install a lift on your car. The wheelchair can be easily transported like most manual models and it doesn’t require additional modifications.

10 Miles of Range

The battery on this model can last for 10 miles when used under load. It is the standard battery that comes with the wheelchair and it is included in the price. We must add that this is an impressive advantage and means that you can use the wheelchair while going to the shopping, to visit a friend and for countless, other situations.

Let us add that the tested model is also available with additional battery. It can be used as a secondary power source and it will prolong the mileage up to 20 miles per a charge. In addition, only one battery can be installed at the time.

33-Inches of Turn Radius

Thanks to the smallest turn radius of them all, this wheelchair can be used in narrow and tight areas. The turn radius is 33 inches, meaning that the wheelchair will make the full circle in just 33 inches diameter. For most users, this is the most important feature of them, all.


  • Modern design
  • Great radius
  • 20 miles or range in total
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Easy to use


  • Issues with movement ion folded position
  • Possible shipping delays

2. Forcemech Navigator

The Forcemech Power have been commonly rated as one of the top 10 wheelchairs which use an electric motor in order to provide movement. The design is different due to a reason. They can be used on any terrain and they will meet even higher requirements. There are several other elements which have been optimized for the same purpose.

Beside the design of the frame, the rear wheels are also implemented for use on rough terrain. They are non-flat models which are capable of withstanding all possible usages. The same applies to the front wheels, although they are smaller and more suitable for simpler usages.

Some of you may believe that the unique design makes them extremely difficult to fold and use, but this isn’t the case. In reality, they can be folded in a matter of seconds and they can be fitted to any trunk of a modern car. We should add that folding them is easier than it seems and there won’t be any issues with this matter.

16 Miles Range

The battery in this unit is a masterpiece. When fully charged, you will be able to get 16 miles of range easily and without a need to recharge the battery. This range is one of the best in the class and definitely the main advantage of the tested model. Of course, it refers when the wheelchair is used under load.

Almost 400 Pounds of the Weight Load

The next main advantage is the load this wheelchair can withstand. It is almost 400 pounds, or better said 397 pounds. This makes the tough and durable for the heaviest users. Keep in mind that other models usually have a lower weight load which is around 250-300 pounds. Now you understand why the frame is tough and why it looks different than any other.

Also, you will be able to get the mentioned range on any surface under the maximum load. We actually tested this claim and we must confirm the manufacturer’s data.


  • Super-strong frame
  • Suitable for different usages
  • Maximum weight load of almost 400 pounds
  • 16 miles of range
  • Two batteries are included in the package


  • Small front wheels
  • Complicated to use

3. Innuovo 5513A - Best Portable Electric Wheelchair

Here we can see two main advantages. The tested model is superb when it comes to safety features and it is one of the lightest models on the market. When fully assembled and ready to use, the weight will be 50 pounds. This is the main reasons why we believe it is the best foldable model out there.

But, you will also get the high level of comfort, fully adjustable foot rests and a strong construction. The model on our tests performed well even under heavy load. We should add that the wheels are specifically designed in order to provide a high level of safety and to stay operational in all situations.

There is also a feature known as anti-tipper. Basically, you will be able to stay in an upright position regardless of the terrain and the speed you are traveling. This is the main and the most important safety feature there is and you will definitely appreciate it. After all, this wheelchair is one of the safest models available right now.

Shock Absorbers on the Front Wheels

One of many reasons why the comfort is on the highest level possible is the presence of the shock absorbers. They make the wheelchair smooth when used on uneven terrain and they allow for you to enjoy the ultimate comfort.

We were truly impressed with this small addition that we believe it should be mandatory for all wheelchairs, electric and manual models.

More Stable Than Usual

The model we had on our tests impressed us with the level of stability as well. Let’s just say that it is one of the most stable units we had an opportunity to test. The top speed is just over 4 km/h, but even then you will feel the stability and be kept in place.

We probably should mention that the range is around 12 miles. However, you get two batteries and each one offers 6 miles range.


  • Very stable unit
  • Anti-tipping feature
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to operate
  • Shock absorbers on the front wheels


  • Range
  • Expensive spare parts

4. KD Smart Chair

And now we have a model that has a lot to offer. First of all, it comes with an adjustable backrest which can be set in three different positions.

Then we have a massive seat which is layered with a cushion and which has been paired with the leg guards. The next best thing is the carrying tray which is located beneath the seat.

This model is great for travelers and those who want a small and compact model. It is relatively easy to fold them and to place them in any truck of an average car.

The design is slightly different than similar models and the biggest advantage is related to the seat and backrest. Overall, the level of comfort you are going to get is impressive.

The battery offers a decent range of 15 miles when fully charged. You will have to insert it once you have received the wheelchair, but there is simple additional assembly you will need. The range isn’t the best but it is among the most suitable for travelers.

FDA Approved

This isn’t an ordinary wheelchair. The model has been tested and approved by the FDA so it is treated as a medical equipment. As you may already know, this type of approval means that the wheelchair has been tested in real-world applications and with real people.

We should point out that there are a lot of replicas on the market. Each one looks the same or similar to the model we have here, but they are poorly made and they are not FDA approved!

Compact Design

The next main feature is actually the design. As you were able to notice, the design is different than other electric models have. This makes folding much easier and when fully folded, the wheelchair will be more compact inside than most other models money can buy today.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to fold and pack
  • 15 miles of range
  • Anti-tip wheels
  • Carry tray


  • Possible issues with the shipping
  • Requires plenty of maintenance

5. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus - Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

This wheelchair is advanced and a sophisticated model designed for all the users who want something specific and superb compared to the most other models. The first thing you are going to notice is the wheels. They look impressive and they are modern as well. The manufacturer even claims that they are ‘’attractive’’.

The next thing we will have to mention is the adjustable tension. It makes the wheelchair suitable for different types of users and for different terrains. We must add that adjusting the tension is extremely easy and you are going to need a couple of seconds. You will appreciate the overall comfort and the attention to the details, which is at the highest level possible.

Additionally, you will want to know that this unit comes with anti-tip wheels, with a storage space, and with great tires. The climbing capabilities are 6 degrees. There are two batteries included in the package and capacity is 300 pounds.

Advanced Armrests

The armrests we have here are probably the most advanced and the best version of the part we have seen till now. They can be fully adjusted, they are removable and they are padded. In essence, they can be used for any application you may have in your mind and they are excellent when it comes to the wheelchair personalization.

Fully Adjustable Joystick Mount

As all other electric wheelchairs, this model comes with a joystick which is used for controlling the wheelchair. It is a fully programmable unit and it offers a full range of adjustment. The mount where the joystick is installed can be adjusted according to the individual preference and it is superb compared to all other versions of the same system you may have encountered.


  • Anti-tip wheels
  • Programmable joystick mount
  • Superior armrests
  • Strong and advanced frame
  • Maximum load of 300 pounds


  • Unknown range

Best Manual Wheelchairs

Now we will have to mention something about the best manual wheelchair. For most users, these models are the most practical, they are also the most affordable and they don’t require any maintenance at all.

They are also lighter than electric models and more compact, so they may be the best alternative if you look for a wheelchair with these advantages.

Product Name



  • 38 x 27 x 36 inches
  • 19.8 lbs
  • Quick Release Axle available
  • 20" Rear Wheels
  • Price: $$$


  • 25.5 x 38 inches
  • 27.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 8" Front Wheels; 12" Rear Wheels
  • Price: $$


  • 41 x 30 x 37.5 inches
  • 36 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • 12" Rear Wheels
  • Price: $$


  • 30 x 29.25 x 38 inches
  • 31.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Price: $$


Our Personal Favourite

1. Karman Healthcare Ergo Flight - Best Manual Light Weight Wheelchair

The Karman Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight is the first and the best manual wheelchair on our list. This model was the best lightweight wheelchair for 2017 and as such, it has a lot to offer.

The weight is just under 20 pounds, making this unit one of the lightest on the market money can buy. The quality and the strength are at the highest level possible and the attention to details is impressive.

The seat is 18x17 inches in size and it is very comfortable. Overall, this wheelchair is comfortable and it will meet the expectations of users who need this level of comfort. Rear wheels are 20 inches big and they are easy to use. They are fitted on a fixed axle.

Other features you should appreciate include the limited lifetime warranty, advanced foot rests and above the average back rest. In the lack of a better word, it is massive and offers great back support.

The lumbar support isn’t as great as the rest of the wheelchair, but there is a possibility to add an accessory and improve it.

Leg Loops

The footrests and the leg loops are something that must be mentioned right now. They are sophisticated and they are suitable for all types of users. Adjusting them is relatively easy and will require a few seconds of your time.

Of course, footrests can be removed when needed. We liked this advantage and we should add that it is one of the rare features available right now.

Anti-Bacterial Upholstery

As we have mentioned, the seat is massive and comfortable. But, it is also layered with a special type of upholstery which is anti-bacterial.

This literally suggests that the wheelchair is made for long use and makes them suitable for people who will spend days and months in them.

Once again we have a rare feature or better said an advantage the wheelchair offers. Most, other models don’t have anti-bacterial upholstery.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Anti-bacterial upholstery
  • Removable foot rests
  • Leg loops
  • Massive rear wheels
  • Check Circle
    Strong frame


  • Lumbar support
  • Expensive

2. NOVA 352 Transport Chair

The tested model impressed us with a few features which will be mentioned later on. At this point, we should add that this particular model is superb for travels and for those who need a small and compact wheelchair. They can be easily folded, which isn’t a massive difference compared to other models. However, when folded, they will occupy less space than most other wheelchairs you can get!

The frame is strong and looks well-made. The 12 inches wheels are decent in size and they can be more than just helpful if you are looking for a wheelchair that can be used on uneven terrain and for incline. The seat is massive and comfortable as well.

The weight load is 300 pounds, which is an impressive advantage of the tested model. Keep in mind that they are one of more affordable wheelchairs of this type and they are made by one of the best brands in the business. You are going to appreciate the simplicity, the advanced foldability and the two features we will reveal right now.

NOVA’s Patented Feather Touch Brakes

These brakes are unique for this brand and you won’t be able to get them anywhere else. What it means is that this technology is superior and rare. Basically, you get the ability to activate the brakes easier than ever before and they will provide the highest level of safety. This isn’t something we can generalize and say for all other models.

We tested the brakes on an incline and the results were impressive. They can be activated with a single finger and they are easy to deactivate as well. This is the main advantage of the wheelchair.

Flip Up Desk Rests

The second advantage of the model in question is the flip up armrests. What this means is that when you flip them down, they won’t occupy any space at all. On the other side, when you flip them up, you have nice and thick armrests.

The next main thing is the design of the armrests. They are specifically designed in order to allow the user to get as close as possible to any desk at a restaurant or a coffee house. We saw the same feature on some other models and we always appreciate it.


  • Flip up armrests
  • Superior brakes
  • Weight load of 300 pounds
  • Great frame overall
  • Seat belt
  • Check Circle
    Value for money


  • Isn't suitable for tall people
  • Is not one of those heavy-duty types

3. Drive Medical Bariatric

What if you look for a wheelchair which can withstand impressive weight load? Then look no further. This model is just perfect for you and it will put a smile on your face the first time you use it. Besides the maximum weight load, there are a few more things we will have to mention about this particular model.

The frame is extremely simple and strong. However it was based on countless calculations, so it is strong and extremely durable. The seat is wide and actually wider than most other models have to offer. All of this suggests that big and tall people will benefit the most out of this unit.

Armrests are comfortable and they are padded as well. In a nutshell, this is a simple model that doesn’t look special or doesn’t offer some advanced features, but it has all you are going to need ever. And yes, all of this comes at a low price

Weight Limit of 450 Pounds

We have mentioned that the weight limit is the main advantage of the tested wheelchair. The weight limit is actually 450 pounds which is almost 150 pounds more than any other model has to offer. We actually tested this rating and we can confirm that the wheelchair worked very well and without any issues.

Swing Away Foot Rests

If you are looking for the simplest type of foot rests, then this type is just right. The swing away footrests are the best of the best, due to the fact they are easy to use and they can be adjusted, removed or positioned as you like. They also offer great support and they are superb for most users.


  • Maximum weight load
  • Swing away foot rests
  • Simple and practical
  • Extra-wide seat
  • For big people


  • Ordinary design
  • Lack for advanced features

4. Medline Premium Ultra-Lightweight

This wheelchair is basically an upgraded version of the old and well-known model. What you get is the ability to choose between different seat sizes. They range between 16x16 inches and 22x18 inches. As you may know, this makes the wheelchair suitable for different users and for those who want the most comfortable model for their needs.

Of course, there are a lot of additional features you will want to know about this model. For example, the weight limit is 300 pounds, the wheels are massive and the armrests are adapted for the use in restaurants when sitting at a table. This is an advanced feature that makes a huge difference and we like it a lot.

Even the upholstery is made to withstand heavy-duty usages and to stay like new even after years of use. It also makes the seat and the entire wheelchair more comfortable and suitable for advanced users. The design isn’t impressive, but it has it all you are going to need.

Advanced Wheels for A Smooth Ride

The wheels have been specially designed for this model. They are capable of offering impressive ride quality on all terrains and you will enjoy the smoothness of the ride.

This may be the most comfortable wheelchair for elderly precisely thanks to the feature we have just mentioned. Believe or not, you can actually feel the difference in comfort thanks to the wheel design.

Superior Leg Rests

Try to remember that we refer to the leg rest and not to the foot rests! The leg rests are padded, massive in size and they are ideal for long uses.

Compared to another version of the same system, they are advanced and far better than most other wheelchairs have to offer. You will definitely enjoy them.


  • Available in different seat sizes
  • Strong and simple
  • Great upholstery of the seat
  • Great wheels
  • Advanced leg rests


  • Sensitive backrests
  • Fabric on the leg rests

Buyer's Guide: What Is The Best Wheelchair To Buy

Choosing a wheelchair for a senior is far from an easy task. We can even say that it is one of the most complicated choices you are going to make. That’s why you need our buyer’s guide.

Here we will reveal which are the main factors to consider when looking for a brand new wheelchair and why these features are essential. After you are done with this section, you will be able to make a right decision.

Types of Wheelchairs

Before we even move to the main factors to consider, there is one thing to know. Wheelchairs do come in different types, so you must know which type you actually need and when and where it will be the most functional. Keep in mind that all of them can be divided into manual and electric models. There is no need to explain each type

  • Transport Wheelchairs
    These wheelchairs have smaller wheels and they are designed to be pushed by another person. There is no option to propel yourself while sitting in a wheelchair. They are usually made to transport people from one location to another and usually for a short period of time. In addition, you can recognize them if you take a look at the frame. It is simple and massive.
  • Standard Wheelchairs
    Models of this type have large rear wheels and a user can propel himself while sitting. The frame is more complicated than in the first case scenario and they look more sophisticated. In addition, these wheels have comfortable seats and they are generally designed to be used for a long period of time.
  • Electric Wheelchairs
    These are the most advanced and the most expensive models on the market. They have advanced frames, they are very comfortable and they have an electric motor which will provide motion. You will control them with a joystick which is usually located on the right side of the wheelchair.


This is the next or better said the first factor you will have to take into consideration. How will you achieve the movement? Are you going to turn the wheels all by yourself or another person will push the wheelchair?

Those that are designed to be pushed by another individual have smaller wheels, bigger frame and more importantly handles at the back. They can’t be propelled by you. Models which support the user movement don’t have handles, have bigger wheels and rings on the rear wheels which are used to provide the movement.

Duration of Use

The main question here is how much time you will spend in the wheelchair? If you are looking for a model that will be used for a shorter period of time, you need a smaller and more affordable model.

On the other hand, if you need a model which will be used for months or years, you should pay attention to the comfort and the presence of advanced features.

In the second case, we can clearly see that comfort and the attention to details must be on the highest level. You definitely must invest in an expensive, durable and professional wheelchair.


The overall weight of a wheelchair has a huge impact on the usability. As you were able to see, we mentioned a lot of the lightweight models. They usually weight between 15 and 30 pounds. As such, they are easy to place into a trunk and to move around.

Keep in mind that you will have to move the wheelchair at some point. The weight is an important factor to consider and it should be on the top of your list. We should add that the weight doesn’t have anything to do with the quality. Some lightweight models are extremely durable and strong.

Weight Limit

The factor refers to the maximum load a wheelchair can withstand. Some models are rated for 150 pounds, while others for 450 pounds. This matter cannot be generalized and it depends on a specific model and its primary application what the weight limit will be.

Obviously, this factor will be determined by your weight. We believe that it is always better to purchase a model with a higher weight limit, just for the added strength and improved durability.


All wheelchairs are foldable. This is essential in order to make them usable when traveling by car or a bus. A more important sub-factor is how the wheelchair will be folded. Always look for units that can be folded easily within seconds and which won’t occupy a lot of space.

In general, manual models offer much better foldability. After all, they are lighter, smaller and more compact than electric versions. Try to remember that the weight and weight limit don’t have anything in common with the foldability.


All wheelchair reviews must include this factor. Where the wheelchairs will be used. Here we can see the differences between models designed for indoor, outdoor or rough terrain purposes. Those that are made for indoor use are generally smaller, more compact and they have smaller wheels.

Models for outdoor usages have bigger wheels and are generally more stable. A special type includes wheelchairs which are designed for the use on a rough terrain. They have heavy-duty wheels and usually extra-tough frames.


When we think of the seat, we can see two sub-factors. The first one is the size. There are different models out there and they can’t be explained by a single word.

Basically, the size will range between 16 x 16 inches and 22 x 18 inches. Once again, there are a lot of models with bigger and smaller seats. Always choose the size which suits you the best.

The second sub-factor is the comfort of the seat. Yes, all of them are generally comfortable, but some are better than the others. Look for seats which are paired with advanced cushions or etc.

Range (Electric Wheelchairs)

Best wheelchair must have an excellent range. Of course, this refers to the electric wheelchairs only. Look for models that offer 15-20 miles of range. It is annoying and time-consuming when you must recharge the battery frequently. Also, it will seriously affect your movement.

Look for models that come with two batteries. By offering this advantage, you have the ability to get 100% better range without any complications. An interesting fact is that the price won’t be higher just because you will get two batteries. In addition, a wheelchair can use one battery at a time.


Speed is usually associated with the electric wheelchairs and it is an important factor to consider if you are looking for a model that can cover a massive distance in the shortest period of time. Some models can reach 6 miles per hour, while others only 2. It is up to you to decide which speed you need.

Anti-Tip Wheels

This is a safety feature. Basically, you will have small, extra wheels which will prevent accidental tipping. This safety feature may be simple, but it actually works and it is very important, especially if you are looking for a wheelchair to use on uneven terrain.

We must add that not all models come with this feature. Those that are designed for occasional use and indoor applications usually don’t have anti-tip wheels.

Leg Rests

Almost all wheelchairs have one of the two types leg rests. They can be a swing away or height adjustable. It is important to appreciate the comfort leg rests offer for you. They should be big enough to provide a full support and they should be padded with the extra-tough material.

As you were able to see, we mentioned models which come this the most sophisticated and therefore the best leg rests available on the market today. It is an even more important factor to consider if you are looking for a wheelchair for a longer use.


Armrests are even more important than leg rests. They should be soft, comfortable and massive as well. It is important to add that they should be fully adjustable. Hard and small armrests are far from a great choice to make and they should be avoided.

Here we will also add that a restaurant-style armrests should be considered, but only if you are looking for a wheelchair to use while traveling. The special type of these armrests allows for you to sit closer to a table.

Back Support

Back support is an essential factor as well. Here you should pay a special attention to the support the back rest offers for you. It should be massive and if possible adjustable. Make sure that some back rests are not very comfortable and they should be paired with cushions, usually for lumbar support.


This is a generic factor. If you are looking for a transport wheelchair, then it is less0-important. On the other side, if you are looking for a wheelchair which will be used for a longer period of time, the comfort is a must. Sadly, this matter can’t be generalized and it depends on the individual preference.

Some factors to keep in mind include the size of the wheels (bigger wheels mean better comfort) the type of the seat and the size of the frame. Bigger and models with better seats are obviously more comfortable.


Here we can see an additional feature. Cushions can be added when needed and they allow you to improve the quality of the wheelchair. You will need a model with a bigger seat and a unit which is massive in size if you are planning to use the cushions.

When we take a look at the cushions only, we can see that you can choose between air, gel and foam models. Gel and air models are usually the most comfortable and therefore our recommendation. Check out more here.


Wheels can define the wheelchair and make them more stable, more usable or easier to push. There are countless options out there, but at the end of a day, all wheelchairs have 6, 8, 12 or 24-inch wheels.

If you are planning to provide movement all by yourself, bigger wheels are definitely the best option. If you are looking for transport wheelchairs, then you will have to get used to the smaller wheels.

Wheels also affect the speed. Bigger wheels mean higher speed and better comfort as well. It is on you which size of the wheels you will need and which ones will make the most out of the wheelchair you chose. In addition, new models, which come with advanced wheels are superior when it comes to the smoothness they have to provide.


Storage is a small addition which makes a huge difference. Storage usually refers to the tray or a pocket located somewhere in a wheelchair. Here you can choose between so many different options, such as the size, the position of the tray and also the size of the pocket.

Some wheelchairs have both, a tray and a pocket, while others have just one. It is up to you to choose which version you actually need. We want to recommend you the tray. It offers more space and it doesn’t have a negative effect on the overall weight of the wheelchair. Make sure it is located on a right spot, so you can easily reach it at any given moment.


Brakes are the most essential safety feature a wheelchair has. You will have to take into account the type of the brakes and their simplicity. They must be within your reach at all times and they must be extremely easy to use.

We will add that brakes should be divided into handle-located and wheel located types. The first type is usual for models with handles, which are pushed by other people. The second type is a brake which can be used by a person in a wheelchair.

Type of Seat Cover

This is a small factor as well, but it can be more than just important. Basically, you should consider a seat cover which is durable, which is tough and which allows for the skin to breathe. We were able to see some models that offer anti-bacterial seat covers. They are the best in the terms of hygiene.

Here is important to consider the seat cover maintenance. It must be washing machine washable and it should be able to stay immune to the fluids and foods. Don’t forget that some versions can be washed with soap and warm water only. Others are very sensitive and some are extra-tough.

Final Verdict

We reached the end of the best wheelchair article and we will have to tell you one thing more. All wheelchairs come in different sizes, with different features and different benefits. It is important to choose the ones which offer you all the essential features you actually need.

Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition

EZ Lite Cruiser

Karman Healthcare Ergo Flight

Of course, all of this means that each type of wheelchair has the best model. In the case of best lightweight wheelchair reviews, you saw that the Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition is the best model. It is the lightest of them all and it is a great value for money. It has 5 out of 5 stars.

In the case of best electric wheelchairs, you should choose the EZ Lite Cruiser. This wheelchair will make your life easier and meet even the toughest requirements, thanks to its advanced design and impressive features.

The Karman Healthcare Ergo Flight is the best manual wheelchair. This particular model has all the main features, it is well-designed and it offers a great quality. We believe that you can get the safest and the most suitable choice within minutes, thanks to our help.

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