Backpack Leaf Blower vs Handheld Leaf Blower – Which One to Choose?

backpack leaf blower vs handheld

The first question that always come to our mind when we are getting a new leaf blower is: backpack leaf blower vs handheld leaf blower, which one is better? So in this article, we will break down their goods and bads respectively, to help you decide which one you should get between the two. 

Importance of Leaf Blower

The autumn season calls for buying a leaf blower as the leaf demons will unleash pretty soon. Everyone of us finds the colorful leaves beautiful but it is a tough task to remove them.

Leaf blowers use power to blow them away to make it easy for us to collect them later. With the help from a leaf blower, we will never need to maneuver a heavy rake trying to gather all the leaves in one place anymore.  

Which One Should You Choose?

Let us get this straight. Even if you are asking about backpack leaf blower vs handheld leaf blower, there will be no definitive answer. It will solely depend on your need and budget. But still, we will try out best giving you some parameters on how to judge a product.

The Comfort of Usage

We are not a fan of rakes because it requires more physical energy. So instead, we use leaf blowers to help ease the tasks. We must admit that the comfort of a handheld blower is much more than that of a backpack one. Using backpack blowers all the time can also cause back pain. If you want it to be comfortable then choose a handheld blower. But, if more area needs to be covered then the backpack blower is the way to go. 

Power of The Machine

Of course, one is going to buy the leaf blower by first looking at how much power it has. Handheld leaf blowers do have quite a bit of power in them. They can blow away small piles of leaves. However, the problem arises when the area is huge. Smaller handheld blower may cut off even before the half area has been completed. So, keep this factor in mind before choosing between a backpack leaf blower vs handheld leaf blower.

Fuel Usage of The Blower

You want a blower that wouldn’t consume all the fuel in just seconds. The best way is to check out our reviews on the best backpack leaf blower and best handheld leaf blower. But in general, the handheld blowers are built with a smaller fuel capacity. The backpack blowers are made to last for a long time and to cover a larger area. So, get one accordingly.

Usability of the Blower 

This is important as you do not want to get a machine which is either over-performing or under-performing. So, before buying always read about them. In general, I will say that a backpack blower is good for extensive use and if you have a large area to cover. If you do not need much time with a leaf blower then go for the handheld ones.

Final Thought

We hope that this article will help you in determining the answer of choosing in between a backpack leaf blower vs handheld leaf blower. We will always recommended you to read some reviews and check their ratings before you hop right into your decision.

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