Best Gymnastics Beams for Home Use (Top 5 Reviewed)

There are hundreds of gymnastics beams for home that you can choose from. This makes the choosing process overwhelming. This article will help you decide which gymnastics beam is suited for your skills, at the same time taking your budget into account. For those who wants to jump straight to our final verdict, here are our top picks.

  • The beam fits perfectly in the included bag for easy portability.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Heavy Duty EVA foam - impressive responsiveness.
  • Check Circle
    Great value for money.
  • Strong smell initially. Need to leave it in open air for few hours.
  • Customization - Can add legs for additional height.
  • Does not require a support beam.
  • Heavy grade synthetic suede covering.
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    Able to experience realistic competition training.
  • Not foldable making it harder to store.

We have also prepared a table of comparison for easy reference.


Ajeta Balance Beam
Length: 8 ft

Width: 4"

Weight Limit: 150 pounds

Cover Material: Non-Slip faux-suede

Price: $$

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Gym2dance Balance Beam
Length: 4 ft or 8 ft

Width: 4"

Weight Limit: 120 pounds

Cover Material: Non-Slip faux-suede

Note: Optional Risers

Price: $$

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The Beam Store Balance Beam
Length: 8 ft

Width: 4"

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

Cover Material: Heavy-grade synthetic suede

Price: $$$

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Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Beam
Length: 4 ft

Width: 8"

Weight Limit: 150 pounds

Cover Material: Suede Cover

Price: $

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Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam
Length: 8 ft

Width: 6"

Weight Limit: 150 pounds

Cover Material: Anti-Slip Base

Price: $

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Top 5 Gymnastics Beams Reviewed

We have reviewed five of the best gymnastics beams that you can use at home. This review includes the essential features plus the advantages and downsides of each gymnastics beam. Along with that, we will also help you identify the best product for you or your gymnast.

gymnastics beams for home

The Ajeta is a 8 feet long 4 inches tall balance beam that is designed from heavy-grade 140 kgs/m3 Eva foam with a faux-suede exterior to prevent you from slipping. It is recommended for gymnasts performing the handsprings, cartwheels, dismounts and a lot more.

This beam has been tested by gymnastics schools, gymnasts and instructors. Safety is guaranteed. The height of Ajeta is perfect for those who wants to experience the same feeling of using the professional high beam. The gymnasts can get on top of the beam faster with its 4” height and 4” wide top surface. The balance beam has a non-slip feature which keeps your children safe, providing them increase in confidence and skill that they need to become the best.

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This balance beam is the cheapest 8 feet beam you will find on Amazon, and at the same time, get all the benefits that an expensive beam provides. The Gym2Dance Balance beam is 5 inches high from the ground, but it still provides an ideal ground clearance for the smaller gymnast.

The width is 4-inches which is standard in most balance beams. Gym2Dance is 8 feet in length which is a reasonable size to have at home. It is not too long hence will easily fit most spaces in your room or garden.

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If you are about to level up from a beginner to the next level, this beam is highly recommended for enhancing your practice. The beam store balance beam is 8 feet long and 7 inches off the floor. It also includes 12-inch support.

The top of the beam is the standard 4 inches so your little gymnast can continue to allow their feet to get loose, which is expected when training at an advanced level. The surface is durable and its design provides the feel and look of a competition beam. It uses the same padding utilized in professional competition beams.

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If you buy a product from Tumbl Trak, rest assure that you are getting one of the best gymnastics product. The company staff comprises of industry experts, coaches, and former gymnasts to ensure you the consumers they will get the best products.

The Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Beam is a good product for home use. It is recommended if you have smaller spaces at home for your little gymnast to practice.

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The Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam will help your children build their confidence and develop their skills at floor level. Its highly recommended before switching to a full height beam. The benefit of a floor beam is that even if your little gymnast slips, they won't get hurt, that may affect their confidence.

It is made of wood core with foam top and wrapped in a premium synthetic suede to provide a competition feel. It is recommended for home and also gym use. Unlike others, it is more stable on the floor. Other brands uses plastic which can cause the feet from sinking into it and slip. The wood core prevents the feet from sinking and thus avoiding injury on the ankle. This balance beam used recessed hinges, so your hardwood floors and tiles are protected from marks and dents.

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Buying Guide - Tips on Finding the Right Balance Beam

gymnastics beams for home

1) Width

If your children competes regularly, they definitely need to practice at home regularly. Choose a gymnastic beam that is 4 inches in width. This is the standard width for any competition beam. Some starters may prefer to practice on beams with wider width until they develop better balance.

2) Length

The length of the balance beams will depend on the available space at your home. The smallest size you can find in the market is 4 ft. long, they are referred to as sectional beams. The best thing about these beams is that you can attach several pieces together to create a longer beam. Gymnastics beam’s length are available at 8, 10 and 16 feet.

3) Material

Manufacturers normally designed beginner beams with soft material, usually foamed with different softness and density. For more advanced gymnasts, the beams are made of solid wood with a padded top. They designed it that way because as the gymnast gets heavier, the beams made of foam tend to sink under the weight. This makes the practice unbearable. To prevent slipping, the beams are covered in suede-like competition style covers.

Three Categories of Gymnastics Balance Beams

Balance beams are usually categorized according to the gymnast skills. There are three categories of balance beams used in gymnastics - the beginner beams, junior beams, and training beams. It is essential that you buy the right beam for your little gymnast to avoid accidents and injuries.

1) Beginner Beams

The beginner beams are recommended for all little gymnasts who are just starting out. They are made of foam and are laid directly on the floor. This prevent them getting hurt whenever they fall from the beam while practicing their skills.

2) Junior Beams

The junior beams are for those who have been practicing this sport for quite some time or even for intermediate gymnast. These beams have a wooden core with padding on top. The beams are supported by two or three steel legs to provide stability. Your little gymnast will have a realistic feel to competition beams.

3) Training Beams

For more advanced gymnasts who prefer to practice their skills at home on a higher beam, the training beams are recommended. Your little gymnasts will have an idea of what it really feels like when competing in tournaments. A great gymnastic bar will help enhance the overall atmosphere too.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1) What is the right balance beam for my daughter if she is 8 years old?

The right balance beam will depend on the child’s ability and weight. For instance, if you have an 8-year-old gymnast but weigh less as compared to others of the same age, you should not buy the same beam. It is also best to ask the experts first before buying.

2) Where can I purchase the best gymnastics balance beam for my daughter?

You can either purchase it on any sports equipment store or online. If you are on a budget, it is best to buy it online as most online stores offer significant discounts.

3) Where can I buy used gymnastics equipment for sale near me?

You can search online for stores that offer gymnastics equipment for sale near you. Most of these stores post their upcoming sales online.

4) What is the regulation dimension of a balance beam?

According to the International Gymnastics Federation, the standard dimension of the balance beam is 4" wide x 16" feet x 5" long, and it should be 4 feet off from the floor with a stand or leg at both ends.

5) What are balance beam made of?

Most of the balance beams in the market are made of leather-like material.

Final Verdict

Ajeta Gymnastics Balance Beam

After reviewing the top 5 best gymnastics beams for home, we find the Ajeta Gymnastics Balance Beam the best in terms of price and practicality. We rate it 5 out of 5 stars due to its great features and impressive design.

Lastly, we hope this review was able to help you decide which balance beam to purchase. If you find this post helpful, feel free to share this with others and make a comment below to let us know your views.


What we Liked:

  • Easy to carry around.
  • Great value for money.
  • Foldable - Easy to store.
  • Solid foam construction

What we Disliked:

  • None
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