Effective Tips to Use a Snowblower During Winter

Winter is a beautiful season but it also showers snow on us. Shoveling is a great task, so people are going for snowblowers to make the task easier and save more times these days. So, is there any efficient way on how to use a snowblower? Yes, it in fact isn’t very hard to do as the machine is fairly simple. But essential knowledge on how to snowblow properly need to be followed to ensure safety and proper usage. 

Always remember to be calm and quiet. Also, note that you aren’t creating a mess for someone else.  Keep the snowblower etiquette alive and dump your snow in a specific area. We have tried to provide as many tips as possible to make the task simple and easy for you. So, let's start. 

how to use a snowblower
  • Before you start with the machine, check the wind direction. It is crucial to move the snowblower along the direction of the wind. Also, dress in well-fitted clothes and keep pets and kids away from your snowblower. Also, it is important for you to read the manual before using any type of snow blower.
  • Choose the place where you want to work your snow. Always choose a path where there is no one coming in your way. But it needs to be nearby so that the task doesn’t become humongous for you. It is best to choose an area with good drainage so that when the snow melts it falls into the said drainage.
  • Run a pre-check on your snow blower. Make sure that the level of oil in the engine is appropriate and clean. Also, it is strongly recommended to use oil according to the weather condition. The machine should be ready with skid shoes and in the effective setting. It should be low for a paved driveway and should be high for a gravel driveway. 
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    Clear all foreign objects and cars from your driveway. This will ensure that you can work the fullest and blow all the snow.
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    Turn on the snowblower and set it properly. If you do not know the technique read about how to turn on a snowblower. In case there is no wind, use circular motions to blow away the winds. The nozzle should always face towards the yard or the place where you are blowing the snow. If there is a wind, face the direction of the wind and blow the snow. Rotate your snow chute to accommodate the snow.
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    The snowblower wouldn’t clear away every bit of snow. So, do the remainder by hand in the places which are hard to reach. 
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    Clean the snow blower before taking it inside as it will end up in a mess. Also, use a cleaning kit rather than just going for it. Turn it off and let it cool for a while before doing anything.

On a Side Note

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Important Safety Tips

  • Do not leave the snow blower unattended when it is turned on. 
  • Do not clean the sharp parts of the chute with your bare hands.
  • Do not put oil in a heated engine.
  • Do not use the snowblower in an enclosed area.
  • Always use protection like gloves, masks, and goggles when using a snowblower.

Final Thought

We hope that by now you know how to use a snowblower after reading our tips. Always be safe when using such tool and it is recommended to use proper protection when needed. It is always our responsibility to pre-check our snowblower before starting the snow-cleaning task. 

Stay safe during your snow cleaning jobs. 

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