Best Range Hoods Review – Knowing What To Expect From Top Products

While often overlooked by residential users, a range hood can easily become one of the essential elements inside a kitchen. The primary role of a range hood is to clear the unwanted odors. After all, you don't want your clothes and hair to smell like a steak once you're done with cooking. But, choosing the right model can be daunting, hence the necessity to make this choice with the best range hoods review in mind.

Most specialists recommend going with the best selling items to avoid unexpected surprises. Although it's rated to be the most complete range hood, FOTILE Range Hood does have some competition as well.

In this article, we will be getting into details of each model, and it also pays off understanding why you need a range hood and then followed by our buying guides of range hoods.

  • Oil filter is foldable and oversized oil cup
  • Does not require frequent maintenance
  • Double centrifugal fan system
  • The LED light is too powerful to some's liking
  • Multi speed controls
  • Installation is simple
  • Lightweight
  • Check Circle
    Three-speed centrifugal blower
  • The LED light is too weak for some users
  • Minus Circle
    May vibrate when operate in high speed

Product Name



  • 30 inch
  • 3 speed setting with Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Double centrifugal fan system
  • Price: $$$$$
  • Type: Wall mount


  • 36 inch Stainless Steel
  • 760 CFM air flow
  • 4 speed motor 
  • Timer / Auto-shut-off
  • Price: $$
  • Type: Wall mount


  • 42 inch Stainless Steel
  • 4 speed fan control
  • 760 CFM air flow at 52dB
  • Price: $$$
  • Type: Island


  • 21 inch
  • 3 speed centrifugal blower
  • 390 CFM of exhaust at 6-sones
  • Price: $$
  • Type: Under Cabinet


  • 30 inch stainless steel 
  • 4 speed control with touch button
  • 400 CFM air flow < 65dB
  • Price: $$
  • Type: Wall mount


  • 30 inch stainless steel
  • 6 speeds with timer with Touch sensitive LCD keypad
  • 900 CFM air flow < 56dB
  • Price: $$
  • Type: Wall Mount


  • 30 inch Stainless Steel
  • 3 speed electronic illuminated controls
  • 600 CFM air flow
  • Price: $$$
  • Wall Mount


  • 30 inch Stainless Steel
  • 900 CFM air flow
  • Price: $$$
  • Wall Mount


Top 8 Best Range Hoods Review

1. FOTILE 30" Range Hood - Our Top Pick

best range hoods review

Designed with both efficiency and good looks in mind, FOTILE's range hood could be the perfect addition to any house. It comes with some extra bells and whistles to make your cooking experience easier, but it's also energy efficient.

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2. Z Line KB-36 760CFM Range Hood

Based on simplicity and made with efficiency in mind, this model from Z Line won't disappoint its buyers. Based on range hood reviews 2017, this is one of those products that don't have any bells and whistles, but just the basics. Simply put, it's all about performance.

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3. Z Line KE2i-42 Range Hood

Made from stainless steel and easy to install without actually getting a professional, this range hood offers a great value for money. It doesn't come with any special features, but just the right ones. Therefore, its price tag is not boosted by features that no one needs.

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4. Broan PM390 Range Hood Insert

Coming with multiple instructions, recommendations and features, Broan's range hood can qualify as one of the best featured products on the market today. In terms of appearance, it doesn't stand up in the crowd though – it's available in a silver nuance that can fit any kitchen.

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5. AKDY AZ-D05-75 Range Hood

If you want both an ultramodern style and efficiency, chances are AKDY's range hood will match your necessities without too much hassle. This model will initially draw attention through its futuristic style, yet its bells and whistles add to your overall convenience too.

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6. Cavaliere SV218B2-30 Range Hood

Chances are you'll inevitably run into Cavaliere's model when hunting the best range hoods 2017. It's a basic model built to deliver, so it won't disappoint in terms of performance.

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7. XO XOB30S Range Hood

XO represents one of the best range hood brands in terms of performance and looks. This product makes no exception either – it looks sleek and smooth, but it also comes with an impressive power.

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8. XtremeAir PX02-W30 Range Hood

Coming with a sleek built and friendly controls, this range hood is likely to match both modern and traditional kitchens.

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Benefits of Having a Range Hood

Quality of Air

Clearing unwanted odors, heat and smoke is by far the main reason wherefore you should purchase a range hood. In other words, you invest in air quality.

There are numerous pollutants associated with your cooking experience. They get into your clothes and hair, but they also stick to the walls and other appliances. Inhaling any of these pollutants is quite uncomfortable, so have a range hood to suck everything in and carry it away.

Carbon Monoxide

Modern homes are usually fitted with carbon monoxide detectors – mostly in the kitchen. In terms of residential uses, cooking equipment represents the primary source of carbon monoxide.

From this point of view, poisoning is round the corner. The symptoms of poisoning may include flu associated symptoms. The good news is you don't have flu, yet the longterm exposure will cause breathing related issues and even cancer.

While having a detector will let you know when the levels of carbon monoxide are too high, having a range hood will inevitably prevent these issues.

Excessive Heat

Heat is often a drawback of cooking. You have to be pretty good at taking heat if you want quality results.

Apart from heat, you're also exposed to steam and smoke. There's nothing more uncomfortable than that. If you love cooking, you want to do it in a pleasant environment. Range hoods are ideal to cool off your kitchen and prevent unwanted situations.

Comfortable Cooking

No matter how much you enjoy cooking for your family, the steam and smell will most likely make it uncomfortable. You feel relieved once you're done and you feel like after a long shift at work. Most of the factors associated with this discomfort can be handled by a proper range hood.

Being comfortable while you cook will not only make this activity more appealing, but it will also improve your dedication and final results.

Clean Kitchen

Based on the best range hoods review, having a quality range hood is one of the first steps in maintaining your kitchen clean and enjoyable. Cleaning can be a nightmare after a long cooking session, especially when it comes to hardly accessible areas.

You're probably familiar with that fine coating of dust that's hard to remove due to its sticky profile. Such problems are triggered by the excessive moisture, as well as the grease.

Removing these two elements will also reduce the time needed to clean your kitchen. Some range hoods even come with timers, so they can go on for another 5 or 10 minutes after you're done cooking. Their main role is to clear greasy particles before they have the chance to settle down. Whether you're a clean freak or you just want to avoid mold and bacteria, a range hood could be the ideal option.

Now that you're aware of the benefits of having a range hood, what are the main consideration when making a purchase?

Things to Look for in a Range Hood

Air Flow and Venting Capabilities

The air flow is directly responsible for the overall performance. This specification tells you how efficient your range hood is. When checking the best range hoods for gas stoves, make sure this is your main consideration. The range hood should have enough power to clear excessive pollutants, heat and moisture, regardless of how long you cook for.

The air flow is underlined by a CFM measurement (Cubic Feet per Minute). To give you some guidance, the vent for a 25 inch stove should come with minimum 300CFMs.

Venting is just as important. The excessive heat must be vented outside. The shorter the run is, the more efficient your range hood will be. Plus, a straight pipe is more efficient than a bended one. Sometimes, you just can't have a right pipe, so opt for just a few bends rather than plenty of them. The vent should have a flap at the external end, only to prevent birds, insects and dust from coming in.

Maintenance and Noise

The smoother the surface of a range hood is, the easier it becomes to keep it in good condition. The bottom must be fully enclosed to prevent unwanted particles from getting in. The filter is usually the only removable part in a range hood. Make sure you can remove it without too much stress for easy cleaning.

The noise is given in sones. A powerful range hood will, indeed, make some noise, yet it's usually easy to bare with. You'll get used to it after a few minutes. You'll realize how noisy it is only after you turn it off. If you're really worried about the noise, check the specification – a low number of sones indicates a quiet range hood.

Lighting and Controls

The best range hoods on the market come with lights. You can turn them on or off. Opt for an energy efficient model in terms of lighting.

Some modern models come with timers, as well as heat detectors and smart control panels. Controls are usually simple – you have a lighting switch and a few fan speeds. High end models allow you to set timers as well.

Design and Style

Last, but not least, don't overlook the style. If you'd have to choose between style and performance, you should always go with performance. Luckily, range hoods come in a wide variety of designs, so chances are you'll easily find something to match the décor of your kitchen too.

Although most range hoods come with a shiny metallic appearance, you'll also find nicely painted models, as well as specific patterns. All in all, the design is nothing but a matter of personal preferences only.

Installation of A Wall Mount Range Hood

Final Verdict

FOTILE 30" Range Hood

In conclusion, going through the best range hoods review will give you access to some valuable insights regarding the best rated units on the market. It's definitely hard to find a perfect model with everything.

However, if you want performance, durability and good looks, chances are this unit of FOTILE makes the right choice. Rated at 4.9 out of 5 stars, it's a best seller that certainly deserves a higher rating.

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